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Collaborative Crowdsourced SciFi Space Opera Novel
Collaborative Crowdsourced SciFi Space Opera Novel

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Reworked. Still needs a lot more work, but this should serve as a basis for our direction.

Chapter 1: Rise of Space Steak

It was the only option left at this point. The Confederation Navy needed people, and Gordon was a person, sort of, that was great at killing things and cooking them. As the Novikovs weren’t letting go of their hunt against us, although we were fighting back hard, it only made sense that they needed the help of people like him. All over our sector of the Saggitarius Arm, the Confederation Navy was ramping up its military. We had figured out that the ant-like critters were serious about wiping out humanity, and our military had kind of gotten into a slump over the last few centuries.

It was kind of sad that the Novikovs were so angry with us, because they were the only sentient species we'd met since discovering the Touskis. Explorers had discovered some Touski ruins, and found some useful technology there, mostly to help us navigate the stars. However, from what we could tell, they were long gone. This left us with the angry Novikovs hell bent on wiping us out, and covering us in tasty BBQ sauce after a nice slow roast. Of course, the Novikovs were great cooks too, so they understood the BBQ sauce should only go on after we were well cooked, so it could caramelize just perfectly on top of our pig-like skin.

Gordon had spent the last few years of his life back on Terra as a washed out meat world zombie fighter. Most entertainment nowadays always happened virtually in the Holonet, but some things couldn't be faked, and people needed food. The spray of blood splatter all over your face, mixed with knowing that real death was happening at the hands of someone, somewhere, was something that we still couldn't reproduce. About a century and a half ago, a group of neuroscientists had been able to determine that it was actually beneficial for the brain to witness in full virtual reality the excitement of a Gladiator Arena. And of course, this were sustainable and organic Gladiator Arenas, so all the non-human carcasses were used to make delicious things.

Ethically, it turns out, it’s not too hard to create genetically modified creatures that were below the intelligence threshold of things you weren’t allowed to kill for sport... so no one really had a problem with it. A few groups were against it of course, but overall, humanity had learned to accept that going our genetic makeup is pointless. Release the beast within, and you allow people to explore themselves. And eat nice fresh meat.

This led to the development of Battle Royale, a sport where the players’ only goal was to kill. The Gladiators, as they were called, would stream back their entire experience to the Holonet. This also happened to pay a good amount of credits, which made sense considering the risk that some of the zombies were sometimes made of modified DNA from a number of creatures, usually with claws that would rip through flesh like knife through soft human butter. Our love of all things natural was explained because the Holonet had turned the human brain into a machine. We no longer needed reality, but life without reality was terrible, so we learned what parts of reality to focus on. Turns out killing things and eating them was on top of the list.

Gordon hadn’t re-upped in the Navy after his 4th enlistment. Turns out that babysitting colonists isn’t all that exciting after a few decades. That was until the Novikovs decided that humanity should be exterminated.

The military industrial complex had been turned off at the end of the twenty first century. Humans no longer did “war”. We had realized it was a pointless use of resources, and as the Internet had equalized wealth, there was no greed left in us. The Confederation Navy existed mainly for exploration and setting up new colonies. ConFed, in government speak, or Space Police for the colonists, was controlled by the Holonet's artificial intelligence. However, for humans who wanted to be on permanent vacation, or just wanted to try something different, enlistment was pretty steady, even after the Grand Awakening.

The Grand Awakening had been a complete change for humanity. When we realized that machines could provide for most of our needs, and that material wants were overrated anyways, humanity had changed its focus. The world ran on food and raw materials now. For everything else, there were replicators and the Holonet. Colonies were the answer to the pre-3rd millennium's hippies commune dreams, where small tribe-sized groups of humans could live together in happiness, with a focus on interpersonal relationships, art and food. The whole "oh dear, people won't do anything if they don't have to" had been proven completely wrong during the Grand Awakening. It turns out that people were way more motivated when they had the choice to do anything they wanted in life. Education was easily provided by the Holonet, and many people took up the art of teaching things to others.

Humanity seemed to have sorted itself out. Genetic engineering had rid the world of disease and allowed us to meld our bodies with technology in a beautiful synergy of humanity's achievements. The Internet had transformed itself into a system that was fully integrated between everyone who wanted to. Once our brains had started to be linked directly with the network and computers, its name had morphed to Holonet. With the Holonet, you were never alone. Of course, this had created many, many problems. Loneliness had taken over people, even though Facebook had created the illusion of people being closer together. Society learned a lot from the social media experiment, and eventually it had been understood that less was more, and that a focus on quality social interactions was the key. Social media had turned into a focus on small local communities, which were eventually the communities that started various colonies across the nearby star systems. Terraforming had been well developed on Mars during the 21st and 22nd centuries, and linked with genetic engineering which allowed humans to live in different conditions, we had colonized over two dozen planets in the last 300 years.

One common thread amongst non-Earth humans was a big focus on sustainable food development on colonies. All the planets, except for one, that humanity had colonized since colonizing had become a thing, were lifeless. This meant no natural life forms to survive on, but fortunately the ConFed's GenEn department and a very powerful AI were able to quickly setup animal populations that fit the terraformed or natural biospheres. Hunting was preferred by most people, with most communes having dedicated hunting crews to fetch fresh meat. Of course, some groups setup ranches to make this easier or even just possible, depending on terrain, but overall the atrocity of commercial animal farming that had become abundant during the 20th century, due to increased population, was over. Earth was slowly dealing with its population problem by colonizing as quickly as possible, although a big help had been the natural slowing down of the birth rates in the last two centuries, as reproduction was now taken much more seriously by every human.

Gordon’s Personal Computer brought up a five minute warning for his meeting with a man who referred to himself as F. The warning showed in his heads up display, which was fully linked directly to his visual cortex. He wanted to be there a few minutes late. Considering the restaurant F had picked was in Zeus’ G-wing, he’d still have to start walking. He had spaced in a few hours earlier, from one of the standard Earth shuttles that left his home of Vancouver a few times an hour.

His heads-up-display showed he was getting an incoming transmission. He accepted. “Hello, Gordon. Take a seat at the table near the window. There is a woman sitting there. She is expecting you.”

Gordon walked through Space Steak’s entrance. The hostess system was based on an Artificial Intelligence, but, as convention would have it, like in most higher end eating establishments, there was a Realbot setup for interacting with patrons in Meatspace. Of course, Gordon hated wasting time like that and just sent a Hologram to the AI telling it that someone was expecting him. The Realbot let him enter without any other words.

The woman did not even glance at him, although he was staring straight at him. He calmly arrived at the table, pulled the chair and sat down.

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The latest Alpha Build of our book. THIS IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF ANY NEXT VERSION. We're just testing our delivery methods for now, and looking for the best way to promote everything.

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This is the other very important part that we need to fill out. Who is living in the Space Steak universe? Who do you want representing you in Space Steak?

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Space Steak: World Building
The Space Team's primary focus for now. We're currently building our world and characters.
Anyone can join in. It's a collaborative novel! If you have ideas, criticism or just want to participate in the creation of what some have called "potentially the most awesome scifi environment of the 24th century", circle Space Steak and check out
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