Sometimes work is just frustrating. You want to do a lot of work, but then the systems just keep crapping on you..

Case in point, I do a lot of testautomation for web interfaces, but the tool we're working with, while flexible on one hand, is very stubborn in other respects. The tool we're testing isn't the most stable either. So I encounter a lot of issues, with failed testcases that went bad on moments that it didn't go bad on other moments. All because the webpage loaded a fraction of a second slower than the testing tool expected. And while I can slow down the tool a lot (selenium.finishloading()), not all of the code is open to manipulation by me.

Which means that certain predefined functions expect the tool to work at the best speed, but when we're encountering network issues, or when the tool underperforms, my tests fail.

These kinds of days are just frustrating. Because your actual test is at the end of the process, but you never get there, because the script failed right at the beginning, and it keeps failing at odd moments.

Here's hoping that it will improve tomorrow.
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