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Eric Lundberg
An incurable thinker and a stranger in a strange land.
An incurable thinker and a stranger in a strange land.

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I've been thinking about how movie franchises rooted in political controversy have been taken off of their soapbox in favor of more accessibility and creative freedom.  Planet of the Apes was originally mired in a Darwinist attack on religion.  X Men has long been a fairly transparent allegory for gay rights and has recently taken on a more literal approach that's, philosophically speaking, deeper than the politically charged Last Stand and First Class.  What are the reasons for this?  Arrogance?  Complacency?  Shift in values? Ignorance?

Rose City Comic Con today!  Who's going?

I'm into Daredevil and Hulk and am still looking for another recommendation for a series to match.  I gave She-Hulk a try and... no.  I realize my photo has Iron Man in the background, but I'm not reading it, I did like the Original Sin side story with Hulk, though.  Is it good?

You guys, I am reading Daredevil and Hulk and I am looking for third title to follow.  Any suggestions for great storytelling and visual creativity?

Could John's "light" be the light of Genesis?  The start of Genesis is, "In the Beginning... 'Let there be light.'" But what is the light?  The sun and moon (which will later be worshiped as deities) and other heavenly bodies are made later.  John's Gospel starts off "In the beginning was the word"  The word God first spoke according to Genesis was "light."  According to John, "The word was with God and the word was God."  Later in John's first epistle he continues to refer to the light in connection with Jesus.  If this connection is intentional, then God's first command in the chaos of creation is the existence of the messiah.

Anybody else notice a recent surge in memes and celebrities implicating Christ as a gay rights advocate?  I realize his name has been wrongly invoked to support bigotry, but this is a dangerous and defamatory leap in the opposite direction.

'Gay' is a lifestyle term.  Anyone else find it bizarre for someone to wrap up their identity in a label based on what you are into sexually?  I get it.  It's all about not being shamed.  But the overt sexuality that permeates our culture is precisely why I don't buy into the equality bit.  Gay has gone from sexual preference, to lifestyle, and now to a rapidly growing culture and I don't appreciate mainstream culture being hijacked and bullied into assimilating to gay culture under the pretense that it is a question of social justice.

Being gay is not about love, it is about sex.  To commit to a gay lifestyle is a lot different from simply being gay.  There are arguments that it is a choice, that it is not a choice that come from both sides.  From what I have gathered, genetics plays some part in your inclinations, but cannot make you gay.  People have other genetic ties to sinfulness.  Indeed, mere humanity is a shackle to sin, from which we are freed only by the grace of God and the power of his spirit.  So, we must never judge each other for our deeds, but we must also act according to truth and not the deceit that spreads over our global community like an epidemic of ignorance.

You can believe homosexuality is wrong without being judgmental about it, just as you can with any sin.  To pretend otherwise is profoundly poor logic.  Inasmuch as anyone has the right to vote on the matter of making a commitment to this lifestyle and culture, they should be free to exercise that right without bullying or slander by special interest groups and journalists who spread hate by assigning it and use scandalous tactics and claim authority over matters in which they have none, such as the Bible.

Am I the only one who is frustrated with how this issue is handled?  It feels like everybody is looking at it with only one eye or the other.  What are some other thoughts on this topic?  I know there are several different opinions within the church as a whole.

I'm Loving Hulk and the Hulk Vs. Iron Man Original Sin story!  I am a long time fan of some comic heroes , but am fairly new to comic books, a small collecting spree at the time of the Age of Apocalypse notwithstanding.  Who thinks the recent news of Thor and "Superior?" Iron Man has something to do with the Original Sin mini series?

If I'm ever shipwrecked, the first thing I'm Swiss Family Robinsoning is a Keurig.
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