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Car Care Clinic on Bainbridge Island in October

Hockett & Olsen Automotive & Tire is having a car care clinic for our community on October 3rd.

This clinic is designed to help you learn how to change a flat tire, check your fluids (and add some if needed), check your tire pressure and explain what some of those darn warning lights on the dash mean. How to jump start your engine when the battery dies? We'll cover it! We will also open it up a bit and allow attendees to ask about things that they may have questions about.

This is a spin-off of AC Delco's "Knowledge is Power" Seminar. The original intent is to help women (and men) feel more confident about their knowledge of cars and feel less intimidated when talking to your service provider about car issues.

It's almost here!

Times are 8:15, 10:30, and 12:45. Session size is limited.

Reservations recommended. Once the sessions are full, that will be it.
To make a reservation, email your request to- with the word "clinic" in the subject line.

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Do you know what that warning light on the dash is? It could be your Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) warning light. For way more information than any of us needs about that system in their car, follow this link.

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Have you noticed that sometimes when you are driving your car "feels funny" but you can't put your finger on why? Here is a short read from the Car Care Council that talks a little about brakes.

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It is a little early, but for all you skiers-THINK SNOW!!!

We are in the process of a face lift. The building was overdue for paint and some of the boards had rot. Also upgrading the windows in the front of the building.

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