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Johannes Homeier
Developer, Designer, Entrepreneur
Developer, Designer, Entrepreneur

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Here we go!
We're #bynary .
We'll find the perfect solution for your idea and guide you from concept over design, development and testing to the final product and beyond.
No matter if it's a website, web-app, android-app or usability testing. We'll take care of your project!

Our new website is ready for you! Pay us a visit ;)

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@ everyone (especially +Reto Meier since you wrote the great Medium-Article [1] on the Awareness API [2])

I'm currently writing my Bachelors Thesis on the development of an open context-aware framework for Android and I'd like to integrate parts of the Awareness API and the findings behind it into it.
So I was wondering if there is a paper on it out there presenting these findings?

If not so, I'd appreciate other similar papers especially regarding resource-efficiency (battery drain, performance) of Sensor usage on Android.

Thanks in advance!


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Did someone tell Google that 10/04 is not 04/01?

#AprilFools #Pixel

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Pixel killed the Nexus star... ♫♪

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Now for Reddit

An unused icon proposal for now for reddit app, inspired from google play book's icon iterations.
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In his #DCNYC16 talk today, +Nick Butcher demo’d a preview release of a new icon animation tool I’m working on… try it out here:

A ZIP file of example animations can be found in the butterbar at the top.

#AndroidDesign #AndroidDev
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