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Khalid Muhammad
Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing/Branding Professional, Group Managing Director emagine group - @emagine
Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing/Branding Professional, Group Managing Director emagine group - @emagine

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Another great book from +Christoph Fischer! I'll be getting this one very soon. 

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"By maintaining a fluid structure of governance, Pakistan’s army has always fought for a nation, not a family or a regime. They have been involved in police actions regularly, due to the failures of the democratic governments to maintain law and order, but have also been involved in major conflicts against foreign armed forces and proxies. This is a military that is tried, tested and battle-hardened."

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"Do opinions from readers matter?" On the subject of bad reviews & unprofessional behavior #amazon  #bookreviews

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Just an absolutely interesting book :)
Great news! Werewolves are going to school! I'm honored to say that I just returned from speaking to amazing students in two classes at Cañada College in Redwood City and two classes at Chabot College in Hayward. Yes... they are teaching Werewolf Nights!!! A few students mentioned that Werewolf Nights was their favorite book of the semester. AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhuuuuuu!    #college   #students   #teachers   #Venicebeach   #redwoodcity   #haywayd   #california   #book   #syllabus   #werewolf   #werewolfnews   #supernatural   #myths   #folklore   #Dracula   #SantaMonica   #MarinadelRey     #paranormal   #CulverCity   #beverlyHills     #mothersdaygifts   #mothersdaygiftideas   #mothersday  

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A fantastic #psychological   #thriller !
Great Review for "Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories".

"What a fantastic collection of short stories. They are slightly off beat and quirky - just my sort of thing. D.K. Cassidy has a great way of showing us a sneak peek through the cracks of some pretty interesting minds. This is a real page turner.

The stories were unsettling and mysterious but I couldn’t put the book down. Some stories are sad like Octopus, for example, and others like, Spilt Milk, resound of justice mixed with dread and pain. I jumped from one story to the other - I am looking forward to the next collection."

#Psychological  #Thriller

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#Mystery , #romance , #thriller , and #suspense  - what more would you want in a #novel !
#MYSTERY / #THRILLER  MONDAY at! This week the focus is on #ROMANTIC   #SUSPENSE ! Tamara Ferguson's Tales of the Dragonfly Book II: In Flight. Drop by and check out my 5*** REVIEW!!blog/c1dh1 Find out more about this great book and others written by Tamara Ferguson.  

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"This book reminds me of the best fiction of the 1950s and early sixties, when the meaning of life was the only quest that mattered. In it, you'll see and experience things you never thought about, things you should think about."
I LOVE THIS REVIEW - nails on heads and all...

After reading it, check out the link underneath; it may be another indie author avenue you haven't explored yet - and happy Tuesday ! 

""Wood, Talc and Mr. J" is an unusual book both in the humble yet thought-provoking way it explores life, and the beauty of its writing. There are far few books of this quality published at any time. Don't miss this one, by a talented writer named Chris Rose whose work I had never previously explored.

The story is deceptively straight-forward on its surface: Phillip lives life simply, but with passion; he sees his world as a series of binary choices: up, down; yes, no; us,them; black or white. He does his disco ‘thing’ in a club voted ‘The Greatest Disco in the World’ by Time Magazine. But disco is hardly enough, or rather his parody of the life he doesn't live. Living for the weekend is all he has: his workaday week in an industrial town is numbing. 

We see his world through his eyes, and suffer quietly with this man embarked upon an empty life full of loss and more loss of everything that makes us human -- not only loved ones, but love of self, self respect, and accomplishment. Strutting in a dance floor is making things worse, not better... And his dreams... his dreams are where the magic of his life hides.

This book reminds me of the best fiction of the 1950s and early sixties, when the meaning of life was the only quest that mattered. In it, you'll see and experience things you never thought about, things you should think about. 

Read this book about honesty and compassion and misery and transcendence."

Janet E.

#wigancasino #northernsoul #literature   #subculture #subcultureuk #mods #music #motown #politics #romance #comingofage #love #loss #heartbreak #humour   #historicalfiction   #parody 

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A great #fantasy   #novel !
Sword of Shadows Book 2 of Shadow Series

A small snippet not to be found for free viewing on Amazon. Arthur must find the sword. The fate of Avalon rests on this. Kiri Ung must find Arthur or risk the existence of his species.

#arthurian   #Merlin   #Excalibur   #Avalon   #inhumans  
Kiri Ung surveyed the distribution of deactivated wrist bands from his ship view-screen. Forty dead Terrans on the surface—a scene of carnage. He barked out an order to hover.

“Queen’s Mate, we must refuel,” the sky pilot pleaded.

“Hover, mark location and instigate a thermal scan with a five terraclick area.” He sensed the hostility level rising from the crew’s masked thought patterns. This find outranked their hunger. He needed answers. “Proceed to High Fort once you have the data. We will return at first light.”

“Your will, Queen’s Mate.” The pilot turned back to his instruments, his extended claws clicking on the controls.

“Shall I load the carrion, Queen’s Mate?” The navigator’s paws hovered over the scoop collectors.

“What is your name?” Kiri Ung swiveled in his seat to inspect the instigator of an independent thought.

“Na Pan, Queen’s Mate.” The male seemed to be trying to shrivel into his station.

“Not tonight, Na Pan. We dine on juvenile flesh still throbbing with life.” Kiri Ung observed a certain return of confidence. He made a mental note to elevate this male. “The carrion could prove enticing bait.”

Na Pan ran his tongue over his tusk bases. “The quarry?”

“State your logic for this conclusion?” One to mark, indeed.

“Our renegade prey is on foot. They will need riding beasts if any remain alive ... also supplies.” The male paused, looking almost blind for a moment. “Black bands always seem to know the location of carrion.”

“Do you prefer male or female meat?” Kiri Ung set his reward at a value to distance Na Pan from shipmates.

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+Stephany Tullis is a fantastic author and you'll love her work!

I adore the main character in this short story. Angelica Mason is a strong willed, well-educated woman. She decides to give up a high power position to pursue love. Not many people are brave enough to make such a choice.

The man of her dreams is her high school sweetheart Shawn. Does she get her man? Is Angelica happy with the choices she’s made? I won’t give away what happens. You need to read this delightful romance.

Author Stephany Tullis continues to write wonderful books. This is the third one of hers I’ve read. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

#shortstory   #romance   #fashionista   #5stars  
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