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We can offer you our new Bee Pure 100g Bee Venom Face Mask for only $89.  Join Royalty and use this wonderful product Manuka honey and bee venom, can be used as a face cream or a face mask. Try it go to to place your order.
New Zealand natural health supplement. Green lipped mussel powder, cow colostrum, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, AstaZan, Bowel Biotics, Ultimate Greens, Greenshell mussel.
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No need to keep suffering with the pain and discomfort of Arthritis- try our new clinically tested cold opened Greenshell mussel powder. Studies have show an increase of 50% in the bioactivity with the Cold opened mussel powder compared with the more commonly available steam opened products. Our product is from the Green lipped mussel, unique to the pristine water of the Marlborough sounds in New Zealand. !00% pure you cannot get it any beter!
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Excerpt from the Health Science Institute Publication : 'The new discovery easily trounced dangerous drugs with none of the harsh side effects. According to a researcher from Australia - we're looking at a "very major breakthrough". That's because this new miracle shuts down the "pain highway" in your body - preventing the chain reaction that stokes the fires of all kinds of inflammation - including both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

So what is this miraculous medicine? Well, its not a medicine...but a gourmet delicacy. On the beautiful coatline of New Zealand lives the Green-lipped mussel. The native Maori who live there believe that eating the green-lipped mussel leads to a long and healthy life. And they are right; Coastal Maori hardly ever get any kind of arthritis even as they age , living well into their 70's, 80's and 90's, arthritis-free.'

You can now enjoy the benefits from this great product without booking a ticket to New Zealand to come and enjoy the delicacy.. The freeze opened Green-lipped mussel powder are now dried and available in capsule form, no additives, just pure Green-lipped mussel, also know as Greenshell mussels., send worldwide from New Zealand. .
GreenShell mussel. Excellent for the the support of joint mobility. Green Lipped mussel unique to New Zealand's pristine waters
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New Zealand produced Natural Health products, shipping deal Worldwide!
Bio-Naturals brings High Quality New Zealand produced Natural Health products to customers wordwide. We pride ourselves in offering the very best.  We  have a Free shipping deal available to all customers worldwide. 
We offer New Zealand produced
  • New Zealanf Colostrum powder, pure powder, no magnesium stearate, no antibiotics, no hormones. . Great for boosting the bodies natural immunity and general heath.
  •  Pure Cold opened Greenmussel powder, unique to NZ and clinically proven to assist with both Osteo and Rhematoid arthritis
  • Organic sertified Wheat grass and Spirulina and ultimate Greens for optimum nutritional health.
  • Excellent digestive, bowel health and bowel cleansng products for ultimate bowel health.
  • Anti- oxidants to assist in the fighting of free radicals
We are constanly evaluating and adding new New Zealand produced products to benefit our customers.
Feel free to contact us - we would like to hear fom you.
Wishing you great health from clean, green New Zealand!
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