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Daniel Rhodes-Mumby
Political, social, technical and humanist.
Political, social, technical and humanist.

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Muahaha. Beat Alisha's challenge to get this.

Just unlocked the Zen Master achievement in #QuizUp

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It's one of those apps where you'll very much wonder why you weren't using it before for what seems like a pretty bloody fantastic mix of aesthetics and functionality.

Download #AlarmPad!

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Good god this is fantastic

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Hemingway Helps Make You a Better Writer

This is simply brilliant...and so simple to use. 

Just paste anything you've written into and Hemingway highlights common mistakes that can make your writing less clear and concise.

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A Gmail Valentine’s Day

The day is here! We received hundreds of messages and here are a selection of some of the most funny, creative and heartfelt poems, letters, and memes. Thank you for all of your entries and happy Valentine’s Day! #ilovegmail
A Gmail Valentine's Day 2014
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Would like to apologise to the police for almost getting run over by one of their emergency response vans. That'll teach me to look both ways before crossing.

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Rather pretty.

My Modern Met: Multiple Exposures Reveal Lively Depictions of the World.
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