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Nicotine, coffee, CPU, and life
Nicotine, coffee, CPU, and life

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Who else hates the rollover ads on Mudah?

I pray for everyone in the East Coast to be safe.

Good in Joomla! and PHP? Here's a short term contract you can consider. UNDP Jobs - 33378- Web-Developer – Update of the BRIDGE Website

RIP Amanda Bullied Teen Uploads Chilling Video Before Being Found Dead

Anyone has ever withdrawn money from PayPal to Maybank account before? PayPal will not charge any fee for amount more than RM400 but the bank might.

Need to share this and make a note. The time, will come. Talking to Kids About Online Porn: How One Dad Handled it

Yep. RadioShack Malaysia is also run by Berjaya.

OK lesson learnt. Skype on iOS does not support group call. Group chat is also buggy.

Ouch. When accessing it redirects to seeismic then to hootsuite. Interesting.

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LEGO Turing Machine!!!
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