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Fill Your Pipeline with These Tips and Tricks: April 13 Marketing Strategy Workshop

You need qualified leads to grow your business. A consistent marketing pipeline is key to getting sales. Alchemy's workshop offers practical and actionable tips with proactive marketing strategies to generate traffic that converts to new leads and opportunities.

Marketing expert and CEO of Alchemy Communications +Kathryn Kolaczek will share actionable tips, techniques and strategies to get qualified leads and to master the 3 Rs.
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Online Social Fundraising for Nonprofits
Thanks to the smartphone, donating is truly mobile! Social fundraising is a fast, easy and effective strategy for nonprofits to invite donations in small amounts from a large audience. Often called peer-to-peer fundraising, donors can influence their friends to donate when digital fundraising is linked to social media. +Kathryn Kolaczek
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Delete? What are your options when you regret your last post.
#YYCpt #Calgarypublicrelations #socialmedia #entrepreneur #smallbiz
When a social media mistake occurs, its not just the person who posted who feels bad: the whole company suffers. Social media viral missteps are an important part of your business's crisis communications strategy: under the category Prevention.
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Understanding the latest trends in social media is critical to help people find your business online.
#socialmedia #YYCsmallbusiness #Calgaryentrepreneur #smallbiz
Social Media in 2017: How businesses use social media will continue to grow and evolve as customers demand convenience and responsiveness in their user experience. Smart brands stay on top of the social media trends and determine which social channels are their best opportunity to reach and engage with their audiences.
#Calgarypublicrelations #YYCpr #Calgarymarketing #smallbusiness

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HOW TO LAUNCH A PR STUNT - NOT FAKE NEWS - If you’d like to learn how a PR stunt can help your business PLUS get ideas that can work for your business join us March 9 in Calgary: RSVP
A public relations stunt is a fun way to bring attention and visibility to your business and your message. Similar to a viral video, it is out of the box thinking intended to catch the public - and the media's - attention in a positive way that drives traffic. Learn how at Alchemy's free workshop
#PR #YYCpublicrelations #CalgaryPR #CalgaryMarketing #CalgaryCommunications

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press release template you can customize for your #smallbiz
#PR #Calgarymarketingagency #YYCPR #publicrelations #media
Your goal in writing a press release is to share your important news with the media and people who are interested in your business. Practicing good press release writing skills will help your news get found, read and shared with people who care about your story. FREE DOWNLOAD - get our press release template and customize it for your business!

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