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Potri Paadadi Ponne

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Thank you Siva! Do listen to our other episodes too :)
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Potri Paadadi Ponne

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We owe so much to this one song - starting from the name. :-)

To what we're namesakes.

#Thevarmagan  #Ilayaraja  #Vaali #KamalHassan 
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Potri Paadadi Ponne

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Hello world! Here's our first episode, which was a song welcoming a robot into our world - #Vairamuthu   #ARR   #Endhiran   #PudhiyaManidha   #SPB  
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Potri Paadadi Ponne is a Tamil audio podcast that takes up one film song every week and tears apart the lyrics for the sheer fun of it!
Quick. Proof for Fermat’s Last Theorem? Where’s Area 51? Name of Robert Vadra’s grandfather?

Thing is, even we don’t know. Genealogy and all unfortunately, not strong points for us. But Tamizh is. We love the language, love its music and think the two are a terrific combination.

To celebrate that, we present… Potri Paadadi Ponne!

Every week, three of us Moovendars, (that’s Tamizh for Musketeers *drumroll please*) bring to you Tamizh songs of your choice, slice them open and lay them bare for you. We promise we do so with the precision and skill of a surgeon operating without training, license or degree. Now give us just ten minutes of your time every few days and in return we shall make you laugh, learn, think, get goose bumps (occasionally. romba feel agumbodhu mattum) and even take your questions (through our separate segment, Kelvi Keladi Kanne!).

The Moovendars who parade on your ear buds are a mixed bag.

RamC is our Pottenthayyum or Shakespearean Fool, who prepared for his Board exams singing Vetri Nichayam in front of the mirror (remember Annamalai?). Yes, if he likes a song it enters his blood. On air, he usually talks only when his stomach is full and has the knack of taking the case of any word/object/person around without arousing their slightest suspicion. So we try not to feed him. 

When asked to choose between Rajni and Kamal, his eyes promptly well up, “can one choose between two eyes?!”

Ajay, rolls his eyes at RamC’s answer. Ajay rolls his eyes at a lot of things in fact. Society people, Cricket, “Sruthy” jokes… not getting him started on any of them is survival tactic #1 on a regular day at PPP. Ajay is a purist and an avid literature lover. Legend goes that there is no Tamizh book in the NUS Central library that Ajay hasn’t read.

Ajay believes Thalaivar is God and thinks Kamal fans are stupid. When pressed about actually being a Kamal fan in denial, he protests, “Poda sotta! Never!”

Vaths is not Sotta and is the quietest person outside of PPP. But when the recording begins there is no stopping Vaths. Really. We have tried. PPP’s hopes lie with Vaths’ spot on mimicry, quirky interpretations and comic timing. After which he likes to get home, secretly wear a lungi and sing, "Chennai Super Kings ku Whistle Podu!" He thinks no one knows... 

Unlike the other two, who cite Tamizh as the reason to start PPP, Vaths makes no bones on the fact that he joined only to ensure adequate representation for Ulaga Nayakan’s makkal.

And finally, Vaishnavi is the English spewing solitary female presence behind the show, who stepped in on the assumption that three dhadi maadus handling a ponnu could only provoke abhistu reactions. On board, she tries to provide order, direction and grounding but usually ends up spending time just trying to understand the inside jokes. 

As a true Malayalee, Vaishnavi also refuses to take the litmus test, “Kamal or Rajni”, and is riveted by Laletten instead. (Vaths must give unasked for opinion here, “Of course. Avar avalo perisa irundha, vera yaarume screen-la paaka mudiyadu, da.”)

We get by on good wishes from well-wishers, feedback on Soundcloud and likes/comments/shares on Facebook. So please do them all. Additionally, if you've bricks to throw, do contact the first three Moovendars/dorks and arrange a convenient time and location. Any praise however can be duly directed to the damsel. Thanks much.
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featured RJ Anandakannan and Madhan Karky in a couple of episodes!
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