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I shortened my other clips as people only watched 8 minutes missing some important filming. Sorry if my clip upsets you but this is what the hospital says to me every time I call for help.
"But your doing so well" I tell them im not but cannot convince them of how hard this is for my family and I.

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We tried growing some Lemongrass from some fresh Lemongrass we purchased at the supermarket. It was so successful we decided to share how we did it with you.

We wanted to do our autobiographies but we hate writing and not many people read books anymore. When we talk about our pasts we have a great time and feel others may enjoy our life stories.

This is what we want to share with you and we hope you will enjoy the episodes of Lyn and I talking about our pasts. There will be laughing and maybe crying but I think our story is worth telling. I hope you will join us and enjoy our stories and give us feedback about your lives..

Not sure how regular the clips will be. I guess that depends on the demand but we expect once a week should be ok.

I guess it will be like a mini series or soap opera.
Let us know if we need to make improvements.

Regards Rik & Lyn

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Enjoy :-)

Our new channel for our YouTube video autobiography
Wait for the first installment
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