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Graham Meinert
Husband, father, punk. Now with nerd sauce and luck!
Husband, father, punk. Now with nerd sauce and luck!

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Ran Bellepheron mission 2, Decision Point yesterday.

Players enjoyed it quite a lot I think. Still waiting on feedback emails and a form link from Modiphius.

I will say only this, we moved through the adventure VERY quickly. But I thought it was another adventure that felt very loyal to the franchise's ethos.

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Shared by my Uncle, a retired Federal lawyer now vacationing in Mexico.

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A beautifully susinct description of how an authoritarian communicates and uses it to stay in power. I suggest everyone spread this as widely as possible

So, I'm trying to convince myself to run a game at GenCon this year. I feel like both Pandemonio by Rafael Chandler and (Eternal) Contenders by Joseph Prince might be good options for me. Are they games that fit well with Games on Demand and is Games on Demand a good place to build sea legs for running con games?

My players are eager for the next installment of the playtest. Any word on a schedule?

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Hmmm... is it as useful as I want it to be? Need hot water and, preferably, fresh ground espresso beans. I can see a twisting grinder built in but once I'm hunkered down enough to have hot water a good old camp fire percolator will be fine, won't it?

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There is quite a lot of research into Low Level Light Therapy's positive effects on Down syndrome. much of it coming out of respected, main-stream institutions like Harvard.

Despite extremely low risks and excellent results most of us can't afford the devices.

My stepson built an 810 nm 10 Hz cold LED for almost nothing and you can too:

So, I went by the Patreon page today and you were close to Brett's no swearing "goal" - fucking dumb goal if you ask me but my mouth is about as filthy as the Marine Corps ever made - so I kicked in what I think should be enough to push you over. Maybe I should apologize....

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Not quite so snarky as, "my daughter needs one of these." Any thoughts on ways to make this more attractive outside the disability communities?

I don't see any as it's usefulness is so specific but marketing isn't my thing.

On the topic of heroism in dystopian games like Apocalypse World and Shadowrun:

I think the position that settings like these preclude heroics in the greater sense misses the truth of it.

In most AW games I've ever played in, making the shit-hole world somewhat less shitty is the whole point. I think one could make a fair argument that even Max Rockatansky is struggling to make the world at least marginally better. How successful that is is another matter.

Shadowrun, and most cyberpunk games and fiction, tends to have a slightly more heroic bent as well. The long story arcs are usually about exposing the latest awful deeds committed by the corporations or their corrupt executives.

In these kind of settings heroics fall into the "small scale" department rather than "world saving" category. Given the likelihood of success or reward, doing right in a dystopia might be more heroic than in settings where the sun will rise warm and golden over the verdant valley and the halfling farmers will throw you a feast.
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