Smurf the Earth
98 Countries
5.762 agents
AP gained 3.812.670.822
Total MU 1.980.351.249

Sometimes the best ideas come along by chance,
sometimes they come with hard work,
and sometimes they come from silly things you see on TV, whilst sipping some red wine.
Sometimes those ideas become the biggest player coordinated Ingress competition of all time.

 “Smurf the Earth´, that’s a nice name for an event!”, some slightly illuminated smurf once said to his wife.
“Mhmm ….?”, she replied.
“You know, something like Olympic Games for all RES players around the globe, with many different categories, so everybody has a chance to win at least one category. And an overall category to find ´The Ultimate Smurf´, the world champion! And prizes. And a community! And global networking! And and and…. you do all the work!”, he said.
“Go to bed, you're drunk!”, she replied.
Two days later the first of many Hangouts was created, just to brainstorm the idea with some anomaly-proofed agents. Within hours the plan came to life, and the first of many country coordinators were contacted. The coordinators showed lively interest in the event, and great efforts were taken to reach every country on the planet. We encountered many challenges, which weren’t originally envisaged. Some countries were hard to reach because of blocked internet access, some were struck by natural disasters and had different things to worry about, and in some countries Ingress simply isn´t played. In the end 98 countries joined in.
We created a set of rules and loads of categories, and in early August 2015 the sign up for the event was opened. Due to the concept behind Smurf the Earth (StE), it was never intended to be a high security operation. The vetting of the agents was kept simple, so we could aim for maximum participation.
On August 31st, the first week of StE started. 3.659 agents from 71 different countries started the race to be The Ultimate Smurf.
ENL strongholds were attacked, fields were created maniacally and some even recharged and glyphed in an attempt to win their category!

After the publishing of the first weeks results, friendly competition gave certain momentum for week 2, which started on September 14th  with 3.455 agents from 78 countries. Some changed their gameplay to try to meet the criteria for an Ultimate Smurf, some focused on Unique Captures and Unique Hacks. In the end we saw some incredible accomplishments, like 4.029 links created in one week, or 14.881 deployed resonators.
Overall 5.762 agents from 98 different countries joined the event.
After the two weeks of competition, the orga team crunched some numbers and calculated the winners of each of the 38 categories, to find the Ultimate Smurf, the most balanced Res player, covering all the categories as good as possible.
And so we found our winners, the three Ultimate Smurfs:
First place, and THE ULTIMATE SMURF: @PrestonQAQ from Taiwan
Second place:@fortuna1278 from Japan
Third place:@deacoke from Taiwan
4th place:@JayCeD, Germany
5th  place:@ScarePT, Portugal
6th place:@raruraru, Japan
7th place:@pizzaflizza, Austria
8th place:@Martinest, Estonia
9th place:@yurisk, Slovakia
10th place:@George7650, Japan

The different category-winners come from
Austria, Brasil, Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA
Some statistics, showing the achievements of the participants during both weeks of StE:
AP gained - 3.812.670.822
Unique Portals Visited  - 401.047
XM collected  - 15.746.732.562
Distance walked - 173.924 km
Resonators Deployed  - 5.984.301
Links created - 988.472
Control fields created - 551.839
Mind Units captured - 1.980.351.249
Largest Control Field - 395.931.311 MU
XM rechared - 7.210.758.620
Portals captured - 872.882
Unique Portals Captured - 225.303 
Mods deployed - 911.679
Resonators destroyed - 5.347.284
Portals neutralized - 845.928
Enemy Links Destroyed - 1.012.284
Enemy Control Fields destroyed - 504.177
specops - 20.672 Missions
Hacks -  3.831.587
Glyph hack points - 8.192.840

INTERVIEW with our winner @PrestonQAQ
StE - How long have you been playing ingress?
PrestonQAQ - From 2013/11/25 till now

StE - How did you hear about Smurf the Earth? 
PrestonQAQ - I didn't know of this event until our Resistance line groups was advertising it. Many agents motivated me to join the event. Because they believed that I could make the best. I had the confidence for my weekly stats, so I started to look up about this event on G+.

StE - What did you do to prepare?
PrestonQAQ - Before the competition, my focus was on week 2. I put all my focus and energy on it. For my inventories, I didn't prepare much, it all depended on the weather. If the weather casting said it's going to be raining for a week, I would ask our agents to join me to build up Level 8 portals farms to hack for my inventories early in the morning for a week.

StE - How much did you sleep (or not)? Tell us about the week of the competition. 
PrestonQAQ - Actually, I slept at least six hours per day and the only day I didn’t sleep was the last day. Every morning from 5:30 to 8:30, my fellows and I are more active in Sanchong district (New Taipei City, Taiwan). We use this period of the day because the Enlightened wouldn’t realize that we are building L8 farms. For my early farm portals, I try to put L8 xmps and L8 power cubes as many as I could. The weather in summer is really hot, so I move around in the evenings. 

StE - Did you do that amazing stats all by yourself or did you have help?
PrestonQAQ - I want to thank my best friend ChuckTsai, who is also a Resistance agent. He helped me a lot in this event. For five nights, he rode his motorcycle or drove me to bomb all the Enlightened portals. He left all the uncapture portals for me and gave me all the resonators I needed, then let me have the APs. He is my professional driver, inventory carrier, as well as my inventory storage. Without ChuckTsai’s contribution, I think I wouldn’t be able to make it! I also want to thank my fellows too!

StE - How did it feel to win?
PrestonQAQ - Well, winning isn’t important for me. Having everyone hanging out to play Ingress and bombing the Enlightened portals are the best moment of this event. Thank you to all the Resistance who supported me! Thanks to my fellows for accompanying me early in the morning and scarifying their bedtimes. 

StE - What is your next goal?
PrestonQAQ - I hope the coming up event Abaddon in Taiwan, Taiwan Resistance will win! My goals an wishes are to make the Taiwan Resistance stronger and more united.

Smurf the Earth united our global community even more, so keep on smurfing, keep calm and

Thanks for all the help!
@0Hulk0, @Achran, @aka1138, @AlexRowe, @alexuno, @Alfan490, @Aman1ta, @anarkhihein, @AnastasiaSteel, @aosiniao, @ArginusPrime, @austriz, @AxonGlitch, @Azouik, @bcmeyer, @biboka, @billius, @Bipe, @blitos, @Bom8er, @carancho, @CatastrofeaR, @catist, @cau1field, @cc89, @cd334, @ceons, @chask, @Cipherseven, @Clumsy03, @cmiki, @CrawlingCE, @CristianHB, @cronopia, @Cthulthist, @Curruspina, @Daltonus, @djthewombat, @DonDarkness, @DRDO, @DrKnoche, @droritzz, @Du3staaa, @duejensen, @elixie, @emilythorne, @emsy, @enunez, @estrul1an, @Eyad107, @Farides, @Flor3nt, @Flounder11, @Franmodd, @freelito, @FrNico, @Galvaniz3d, @Gauntmanz, @geek4ngel, @GLISSACT, @Gokburt, @Goonerg, @gordgelin, @Grensgeval, @gummipear, @halette, @halilyankee, @hjundaj, @horowitzski, @Hroch, @hyoga68, @IceHall, @ImYoshi, @InodeGeek, @inside0, @Irishgeezah, @JesterZA, @kaoz70, @KarSha, @kboxmen, @KETSUP, @kickedINtheHEAD, @KingofDestiny8, @kuancheen, @kucherBlr, @Kyll1ng, @L1B3RATOR, @Leadtiger, @LEXASOFT, @lnvisible, @Loquillo, @Magiee, @maianogueira, @MajyPerut, @Martinest, @MaximusRyder, @Medze, @micro7, @milanic, @mimtwin, @MissVortex, @MistyHaze, @Modestylove, @moeh, @Moonsilver, @Mosesaslim, @MuneOmmy, @mustangfreak, @NCB21, @NeddLudd, @Nekojaba, @nextalias, @nimcas, @Nob, @Oddities, @padres, @Polderong, @PsiNZ, @puppychenTW, @Q8Guy, @R1verS0ng, @Rauzze, @RealSnow, @riversloth, @Robdoggz, @RomyR, @Schell42, @shadyelsaba, @SombrAzteca, @sonara, @tabineco, @temz, @Tephi, @Terlej, @tgxn, @Theagent000, @TheHessian, @TyvaraKarn, @undoshoe, @unmonje, @Untraceable, @VanDerMerwe, @vinnythemarv, @wakkodg507, @windwalk, @wRAR, @wytas, @Xerxies, @Yogi78, @yohanzee, @Yolana, @ZEDlXNS, @Zorglubxx, @Zoylee

Special thanks to:
@AliceDe, @gese, @Novoflex, @Euji
and my better half @Wonderbrezel for moral support.

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