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I guess when Google said years of support for nexus devices, they meant years of releasing new hardware every year for a lot of years. Stuck with 4.3

I'm thinking bout getting a macbook and I wanted to get some input about whether or not is retina display is really worth the Bucks? Like, can u really tell the difference between retina and non retina? I'm mostly going to use it for software programming not editing at all!

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Go google.. this is the reason why i have google+

Facebook chat is going thru "unexpected errors".. Jajaja! Lame!

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Android ya supera a Symbian

Im definitely buying modern warfare 3 over battlefield 3.. not interested in so many shit on one map! plus not interested in classes and having to depend so much on my team as well..

Necesito subir pal de fotos para aca

Y ultimamente cuando llueve nunca puedo quedarme en mi casa... tengo que coger pila at work

Zuckerberguer se ta curando con google+ es

Ojala que lo abran a mas gentes rapido.. esto esta aburrio Andy Perez Hamlet Perez
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