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Another excellent Case-Study, a must read especially for all you Marketing and PR students. Interesting how United Airways suffered a loss in sales by one incident, and how they controlled and corrected the damage after the incident.

PS: watch the song, quite witty and exaggerated! Also teaches us how Dave Carroll indirectly promoted himself through his anti-United Airways songs, and is much more famous than he was before.
To my surprise, I've found quite a few people who have missed what I think will become one of the classic case-studies in customer management and PR in the web age. It stretches back over a year a...
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Congratulations, contingent from HR College, for winning Gnaritas, the Economics Festival held by Mithibai College.
A special congratulations to the CL's- +Ayan Jeloka and Dhruv Khopkar, and Asst. CL +tarang khurana .

Winners of Various Events:
Mr. and Miss. Gnaritas: Rudreshwar Malkani and +Anjana Dattani
Build it or Break it: +Pranav Desai and Prashant Tanna
Mock Stock Challenge: tanay Gupta, Riya Singla, Karan Savani.
Quiz Winners: +Ayan Jeloka and Vir Singh

Winners of other events (top 3): Akhil Paliath, +Sarrah Sethwala , Mohit Bhatia, Shashank Jogani, Naman Gandhi, Nihal Daswani, Paurush Irani, Neeharika Jaiswal, Trijya Chate, +tarang khurana

Congratulations guys! You have done HR Proud!
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Congratulations to the entire team of Gnaritas! Was lucky to be a part of it and look forward to such events in the future!
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Whether you are a part of SIFE or IPC, Placements or RCHR, you will, at some point of time, have to conduct meetings with your team. Here is an interesting article inspired by Google's Vice President of search products: Marissa Mayer. She holds an average of 70 meetings a week, and how! Read on...
No one wastes time searching for a purpose at Marissa Mayer's meetings—even five-minute gatherings must have a clear agenda.
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For all the aspiring Chefs, this one's for you.
The recent craze over Red Velvet cupcakes is indeed virulent, as every second person walking out of college is heard craving for them! So here's your chance to end this apparent 'misery' and bake your own batch :)
How To Make Red Velvet Cake
PS: This recipe is tried and tested by some students of our own college!
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Why do I stay in a hostel?! #super-craving
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Corporate Seminars officially start tomorrow!
1st February: Ardeshir Contractor (MD of CDI Global) - Renewable
Energy (10am)
1st February: Shaheen Mistry (founder of Akanksha and Teach for
India) - NGO Sector in India (11.30am)
2nd February: Uday Phadke (Mahindra & Mahindra) - Indian
Mergers and Acquisitions (11am)
3rd February: Workshop of Reflective Thinking (11am)
4th February: Nilay Shah (ICICI Bank to Axis and now CEO, MD of
Envision Capital)- How to earn money (11am)
7th February: Yogesh Joshi- Financial Risk Management
8th February: Tariq Chinoy- Private Equity (10.30am)

Welcome, Corporates!
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Question of the day:
"Should Ratan Tata Have Teddy Bears in his Boardroom?"
That was the state of mind of all the HR students as we entered our first Corporate Seminar for the year 2012, the speaker being our very own Dr. Shahani. Her inspiration for this choice of topic is a study conducted by Sreedhari Desai from Harvard University, and built upon it through her own theory.
You could read about the study, though it is no where close to even one fourth of a substitute for the lecture delivered today!
For those who do ever get the opportunity to sit for her lecture on this topic ever again, don't run! Don't hide! Don't escape this! IT'S BRILLIANT!
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She also gave us really interesting insights into Japanese work culture! Quite interesting, that even when the Japanese strike, they wont stop production, they'll just channel their production into the un-needed. A few years ago, Japanese shoemakers, when on strike, produced only left-leg shoes!
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Is this sort of advertising really called for? What do you think...?
Stay ahead with The Hindu
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The Hindu is indeed a good read, but I didnt expect them to stoop so SUCH a level!
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An ordinary south indian song turns into a virulent obsession... the case study of Kolaveri Di is most intriguing. The virus not only spread through youtube, but generated a lot of curiosity about how such a seemingly ordinary song can obtain more than 20 million views from all across the it a one-way ticket to the top B-schools as an interesting Case Study in excellent Public Relations Activities (PR).
A sneak peak of the case study, how Jack in the Box successfully did PR for Kolaveri Di.
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Take a minute to look back into your school life, and visualize your views on what you want to do with your life. Did you have absolutely ANY idea what BBI, BAF, BFM, and BMS stood for? Were you so confused with what these big words meant, that you left it to word of mouth to dictate your future?

We get only one life, and it is up to US what we want to do with it. But how do we know, at the crisis-filled mid-teen-age what we are supposed to do for what we want to become?

On the 28th of January, 2012, HR College decided to welcome the Class of 2017 to college. Over thousand students from schools all over Mumbai were invited to visit HR College. These students were given the opportunity to experience first hand college life for the first time. They were guided through the meaning and eventual outcome of taking each course, and exposed to the various activities they could indulge themselves in once college begins. The event was a blaring success, as the students left with an ambiguous-free mind with respect to their careers. Thank you, Dr. Shahani, was conceptualizing this and understanding the minds of todays school-going children :)
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Dr. Shahani meets Bill Clinton!
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Cascading through the concoction of rigorous lectures, day-long dance practices on the terrace, periodic boosts of “Raju Chinese” and gazillion activities to set yourself onto… Don’t go too far, Come discover HR!

Cascading through the concoction of rigorous lectures, day-long dance practices on the terrace, periodic boosts of “Raju Chinese” and gazillion activities to set yourself onto… Don’t go too far, Come discover HR!           

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