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lovely! how are you enjoying kochi? i missed in on my way down south but really want to boat the keralan backwaters one day. 8 hour train journey from where i live!
Thanks, Kate! I'm liking Kochi a lot. My favorite part of India so far. Where do you live?
i live in +Sadhana Forest, a reforestation project in auroville. an international township near pondicherry. 
now i'm in sri lanka, waiting for my new indian visa. lucky me! sri lanka is so beautiful, you should visit. so manageable after the chaos that is india. do you have plans for visiting the east coast of india?
I was over in Chennai for a couple of weeks before I came here. I've been trying to find a way to Sri Lanka without flying, but not having much luck. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult, but it is! I'm in Kochi looking for sail boats that might take me there.
wow, that would be amazing. we looked into it too, but ended up taking the 1:40 minute fight over. 
so you'd sail around the kanya kumari and three seas? 
Yeah, that's the plan. I found the blog of one Canadian couple who have a sail boat docked here at the marina in Kochi, and they're supposed to be returning soon to sail on to Sri Lanka. Haven't got a response to the email I sent to them, but keeping my fingers crossed! How do you find Sri Lanka compared to India? Any significant differences with the people/culture?
it's a prettier, calmer, more organized version of india. but whatever it is that draws people to india, the clash of death and life living side by side, the colour, the craziness and aliveness of it, is unique. so they're both special in their own way.

the most obvious difference, for me, was the much smaller amount of people here and how much more modern it is; india is less advanced (at least where i live) and everything is packed. here it's more upmarket. the people are lovely though, less pushy and constantly smiling, very helpful, kind and good-hearted, i can't say one bad thing about the people. and the food is delicious; as a vegan, i'm rapidly gaining weight here! :)

sri lanka is small, when you're used to taking 10 hour sleeper trains in india, it feels so easy to travel here! it's mainly 3 hours long bus rides (from colombo to anuradhapura, from anuradhapura to kandy, from kandy to colombo, from colombo to galle and the beaches...), so it feels cosy. and yet you have tea plantations in the hills, paradise beaches, hindu temples, buddhist stupas, everything you want, 3 hours away. so yes, it's like india for people who can't quite hack it, in a way. also, it's quite a bit more expensive. 

but the shock to the senses that is india is less apparent here, for me at least. 

how have you found india so far?
Wow, sounds great :-)

I'm loving Kochi. First place I've been in India that I've liked, though I was really only in big cities before I came here. I really need to get out and see more of the countryside. Gonna go try find some elephants next week!
That sounds like a plan :) Yes, the cities can be too much, but the countryside or smaller towns are easier to deal with. I enjoyed Mumbai but every other city has left me exhausted. 
Same for me actually. Mumbai was the only big city I didn't hate. I won't mind if I never visit Delhi again!
I haven't been but have heard that comment often! :)
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