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Bret Christensen
Popularity comes from pleasing man; greatness comes from pleasing God.
Popularity comes from pleasing man; greatness comes from pleasing God.

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Crazy Love
"Love" (or what people think is love) will make some people do some pretty stupid things .  This being the month of "love," I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and tell a tale of woe and stupidity. Seems an older Lad was madly in love with a particular...

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Word of the Month for February 2017: Duty
Despite what the POTUS or any economic "experts" may say about the state of the economy, I have discovered a perfect measure for whether the economy is tanking: how far in left field are the civil actions being filed in Superior Court.  That's right; when p...

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Easy as ABC
I can't believe that I have to blog about this stuff over and over but it amazes me the things people decide to get offended by.  Take, for example, the lady who came in the other day.  Lady was confused and needed to know how to conduct basic legal researc...

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Have you ever had an "alleged" murderer confess their crimes to you?  Have you ever had an "alleged" pedophile tell you the sordid details of their latest conquest?  Do you have people come to your place of business and tell you their deepest, darkest secre...

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Play it again, Sam
Have you ever listened to lyrics to songs?  I'm not talking about church hymns. Those are pretty tame.  I'm talking about some of these songs that preach hatred for most everyone. Songs like Cop Killer by Ice T : I got my twelve gauge sawed off. I got my he...

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Smooth Move, Exlax
I'm a member of a local online group and today, a message came across the board reading: Yesterday, an officer responded to  Main Street regarding a subject brandishing a knife. Upon arrival, the officer located and detained the subject. It was learned that...

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Word of the Month for January 2017: Resolve
When is is acceptable to have an sex with a minor ?  When you're their teacher ?  When you're their employer ?  A parent ?  A priest ?  I suspect, the answer is when they're over the age of majority (in which case, they are no longer a minor and the questio...

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Today's story is about greed and the fact that one (very bloated) company doesn't have enough of your money. In  Disney Enterprises Inc. v. VidAngel Inc , 16-CV04109 (C.D. Cal.), council for the plaintiff (i.e. Disney) declared that VidAngel violated copyri...

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In Today's News: Judicial Politics
Do you remember when Trump won the election in November 2016 but Hillary won the "popular" vote?  Lots of people freaked out saying Hillary should be POTUS because the people's vote was more important than the Electoral College.  Well, in today's news is a ...

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That's gotta hurt
Once upon a time, a big, bad labor union had a grand idea. Why not reduce the number of low paying jobs (i.e. minimum wage) and put more people on unemployment and, subsequently, more people dependent on government handouts?  Sounds great, doesn't it?!  Jus...
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