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US should transfer control of the curiosity rover to ESA for the time of "government shutdown"... the nuclear battery in the rover has fixed lifetime.

Total utilitarianism is a philosophical system of ethics where the good is summed across the people. In total utilitarianism, number of people should be increased at expense of quality of life, up to a point where their product is maximal. (Not all the way to lives barely worth living, though, but indeed to the point of some significant overcrowding where you could have a smaller population living better lives).

Average utilitarianism: an attempt to fix the above, done by mathematically impaired philosophers. Instead of a sum, an average is used. Which only makes it worse.

Suppose there's 10 people being tortured at utility of -1000 each , who you can't affect, and you can choose between 9 additional people living with utility +1 each, or 10 additional people living with utility -1 each. The utilities are such: -1000 is really really bad non ending torture, -1 is suffering enough to make one commit suicide if there's no hope of improvement, and +1 is normal happy life.

>>> (-10000+9)/19.0
>>> (-10000-10)/20.0

So under average utilitarianism you prefer for 10 extra people to live in suffering, than for 9 extra people to live in happiness, just because there exist 10 other people who suffer a lot worse.

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MicroGeiger - the second build, in a box

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New radiation detector we built, complete with a circuit diagram.

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The Polynomial now works on Steam for Linux Beta (the demo version doesn't work yet though). Still need to update the sales page. It's at 75% off by the way.

I'm trying to find out when exactly did the Soviet Union ban lead-based white paint, to see if its worth checking my granddad's house for lead. Surprisingly, it turns out SU has banned leaded gasoline and lead based paint much earlier than US.
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