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Somedays I just love being Irish, like today, right now Im sitting down to a bowl of Irish Stew n its sooooooo good. Nom nom nom nom.
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It did. I just love stew. I love it like monkeys love bananas. Om nom nom nom.
Yeah i actually kept some for my lunch tomorrow, thats a 'rail' country thing to do isn't it.
Ha ha yep. Me ma always told me it's better on the 2nd day.
Shes spot on. Stew with soda bread. Omg, i think im gonna have to go heat it up now.
Ha, yeah, missus is some cook you'd wanna see her brownies ;-)
You eat 1 and ya have to have to have 10 more.
Ya may try mixin them. Brownies and stew. What more could ya want! Ha.
Yeah twas better this afternoon. Feel really full. :-)
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