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Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
PHP web development, web designing, Web Development, SEO solutions
PHP web development, web designing, Web Development, SEO solutions

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How Woocommerce Can Create a Better Online Shopping Platform:

While it comes to sell anything online, there are a huge number of ecommerce platforms available to choose from. But if you would like to choose an ecommerce tool that is user friendly, free of cost and easy to configure, the best platform will be WooCommerce platform. Do you have any idea about what WooCommerce is and why more and more people are giving preference to it? In this blog, you will get answers of these questions and will be introduced to a new way of going online with your business.

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Get a Detail Report on the Pros and Cons of being a PHP Developer: 
PHP is probably the most popular web development language in present age. More than 20 million domain use PHP and it is the language which has been used on major sites like Wikipedia and Facebook along with some of the world’s biggest open source projects like Drupal and WordPress.

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What Are the Basic Qualities a Web Designer Must Have to Fulfill Countless Requirements of Clients?

If you would like to become a good web designer, you must have some basic qualities to fulfill the requirements of clients. A web designer does not need to know which code to make a website visible as there are multiple aspects to consider.

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Use Your Google Glass with the Whole New Google Glass Apps:

Looking for Google Glass Apps? The best place to find Google app is Glass App Source. It is a kind of directory where you can find the best Glass app, read reviews and ask questions regarding any Google glass application.

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WordPress Vs Joomla – Which One Will You Choose for Your Website?
If you are confused about choosing the best CMS platform for building your site, then this blog will definitely prove helpful for you. Here, you will come to know about the pros and cons of both the CMS platforms WordPress and Joomla. Whenever we think about website design, the very first thing that comes in our mind is content management system.

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Want to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly as Well as User Friendly? Follow These Guidelines:

Customers visit your website with expectations and it is crucial for you to cater their needs in order to make your business blooming. Local customers might be willing to overlook small errors as well as discrepancies but the first time visitors tend to be less forgiving and they will move on to the next site if they somehow find yours lacking.

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Reasons to Find out How Drupal Stands above the Rest Other CMS:

Drupal is one of the most comprehensive CMS systems nowadays. This CMS script has a very specific programming environment that could describe it as the best programmer’s platform than a simple CMS script. If your business has previously used a content management system like WordPress or Joomla and you wonder, can I do it in a better way? Fortunately, one of the most functional and flexible solution that has launched recently is its newest version. It is Drupal 7. It is a powerful mix of various business tools for easy maintenance of websites.

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Top Ten Development Tools to Make the Life of PHP Developer Easier:

Developing a well-functioned pleasing website is really a difficult task for most of the experienced PHP web developers. You need to identify the current trends and standards for determining the ways in order to incorporate them into your design.

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Worried about the fall of your website – find out the possible reasons of its failure:

In 2014, what is your internet marketing plan to boost up your business? Will you start blogging? Will you take a more proactive stance with self promotion? Whatever your marketing plan is, the end goal is to attract more people to your website in the hope that incursion of new eyes will transform into new customers, new leads and opportunities for your business.

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Parallax Design, the Upcoming Trend to Give a New Looks to Website:

It may sound like something out of science, but actually it is a specific type of website design that involves the alteration of CSS for creating a continuous scrolling feature where the graphic elements and text in the website interact with the scrolling motion. This design makes an appearance of a layered visual effect which creates a depth between the background and text, graphics, images.
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