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Munaz Anjum
Speaker, Inbound Marketer, Certified eCommerce Consultant, Blogger, & Strategist
Speaker, Inbound Marketer, Certified eCommerce Consultant, Blogger, & Strategist


Hi +Simo Ahava 

Sorry for poking you, but urgency calls me to knock at you to seek your expert guidance on how best we can track audio player (mp3) on webpage, basically we want to track:

% of audio play (25%, 50%....)

I know - the solutions for YT and HTML 5 video are there, but don't know any such workaround for tracking audio player (eg- mp3).

Please, help me with your knowledge!

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Search engine marketing is reduced to a gutter, where a few self-proclaimed marketers dump all their dirt and rag pickers pick them and try creating a resale value! #search
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Hi Sir,

I am using a script called lunametrics ( to track the youtube with GTM. The script should be added to the page and will be executed at page load, search for all available youtube iframe objects and bind the tracking event.

The page is adding more youtube iframe dynamically and they dont have any events bound over them since they were not present during page load. Please help me how I can manage this. Please, help me, sir. +Stéphane Hamel 

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I noticed 2 days ago that Universal Analytics's autolink feature now supports regular expressions (YAY!) . This is very useful for some scenarios for example for when using a brand.tld is used for different countries.

It seems that GTM keeps sending the regex expression as a string, instead of passing the regex as it is.

ga("gtm1444394855230.linker:autoLink", ["/brand/"], false, false);
when it should be sending

ga("gtm1444394855230.linker:autoLink", [/brand/], false, false);
(note the quotes within the array)

This feature is officially documented here:

I've not been able to workaround this, am I missing something or it's a bug/no implemented feature on GTM?.

+Brian Kuhn +Lukas Bergstrom 
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GA Best Practices: Copying a Goal from Test View to Working View Using Share Asset /via +E-Nor, Inc.  #measure   #analytics  

"As a best practice, you should create a Google Analytics goal initially in a test view and then recreate it in a main/working/reporting view only when you have verified that the goal tracking is functioning as expected. This can be verified typically after a few days in the test view."
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Search engine-themed halloween costume ideas.
(it's getting late, add yours too)
* The Duplicate Content
* Unnatural Link
* Structured Markup
* Random Surfer
* Obnoxious Interstitial
* Friendly Mobile
* Panda (too obvious)
* Citizen of a Ghosttown
* The Search Console
* Link-Outreacher
* Domain Authority
* Ghost of authorship markup
* Ad-Blocker
* Link Schemer
* Spam Analyst
* Ghost of SEO (SEO is dead, right?)
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