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I wonder at what point I'll regard Google+ as having less activity/content than Ello.

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So, I keep hearing that content creators that do not opt into "YouTube Red" are not allowed to keep their videos on "regular" YouTube at all, regardless of how big or small they are.

But I haven't even been approached about it yet, and I have several videos up there.

I think the news items on this are leaving out some detail, or taking something for granted.

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Well, fuck.

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PSA: Kubrick's "Shining" is on sale at $5 for a limited time on iTunes:

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best way for a lazy person who doesn't study enough to learn ASL?

(My hearing still works, but I do have partial hearing loss, and while it's not getting worse quickly, it's not exactly improving. Maybe it'll never go all the way, but I'm starting to think this would be prudent to learn within the next few years.)

What's this rumbling?  Are the Boomers trying to pretend some other generation is nearly as terrible as them again?

Observation: usually after a random shooter kills a bunch of people at a place of education, there's an immediate chorus of conservatives yelling at everyone not to use a tragedy to advance an anti-gun agenda, and so on and so forth, and I see that all over the place.  This time, while that may be happening, I am not seeing that all over the place.  Either it's happening less this time, or the media landscape around me has changed in some way.

Further observation: this being a thing about which I'm able to say "usually" is just pretty fucking terrible all around.

Yesterday: woke up with a tickle in my nose/throat, which turned into burning later in the day, nearly losing my voice by evening.

Today: woken up early, by the mucous fairy packing my sinuses with cottage cheese.  I'm trying the "Halls cough drop" trick to ward the little bastard off, but it may be too late for me.
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