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Fact Drills Free Trial
I have a free worksheet to practice addition facts 1-9.  This worksheet comes with 2 half sheets. Students should be able to complete all 32 facts on the half sheet in under 2 minutes.  Check your child today to see if they can do all 32 facts in under 2 mi...

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Weekly Spelling Words
Here are
some helpful teaching ideas to use with your Weekly Spelling Lists: Write the
spelling list on the chalkboard or chart paper. Display the list so all
students can see and refer to the list at any time. Read the
spelling list together...

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I have discovered a new adventure! I am exploring the world of clip art.  There are many products I want to create and I can't find the right clip art to match. So why not make your own clip art, right? I made one tiny, little caterpillar and the next thing...

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Base Words Lesson
This summer, I took a reading class and learned an activity to help
teach students about base words. This activity will help students notice what
happens when they add prefixes and suffixes (affixes) to them. The spelling of
some base word will change and s...

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Free Valentine Writing Prompts
FREE Valentine Writing Prompts includes 4 pages to choose from. These writing prompts are meant to spark some interest in your students to pick up a pencil and begin writing. Just print and write.  Use these writing pages for your writing lesson, class work...

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Free Groundhog Sequencing Cut and Paste
FREEBIE! I have a fun little reading resource to use for Groundhog's Day.  Students read the passage about the groundhog. They cut the 5 sentences below the passage and arrange the strips in sequential order. This is perfect for comprehension, sequencing, a...

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Holiday Gifts for Students
Christmas is right around the corner which means you've been thinking about what to give your own children at home. I have 7 educational gift idea that are practical and educational for the K-5th grade students. Gift Idea #1: A watch with numbers and hands!...

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Milestone Celebration
Help me celebrate a milestone on TPT! I'm thrilled to be a part of that team and honored to celebrate with them. My Winter Opinion Writing Task Cards will be FREE for ONE Week as a way of saying Thank You! Click the picture on the left to be take a peek. Th...

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Great Ideas here! Welcome to the blogging world Linda! I'm excited to see what you have to share with us.
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