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Citrus Poppy Seed Cookies
I love lemons. I love oranges. I love limes. I pretty much love all citrus fruits. That is why this cookie works well with any one of these fruits. A delicate, light, flavourful cookie. Pairs well with tea, ice-cream, pretty much anything. Not sweet at all....

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Peanut Butter & Cherry Biscotti
My friend started a page on Facebook that is called Share the Love. And what she does is, she makes an item (a knitted scarf, a jar of homemade jam, a painting...) and she gives it away to one of her friends that comments on the picture. A person is randoml...

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Orange Creamsicle Cookies
It is Very important to read a recipe over. 1) To make sure you understand what is required for you to do (all the steps) 2) To make sure you have all the ingredients 3) To make sure you have read if there was any adjustments made. Sometimes, when I come ac...

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Plum Bundt Cake
I know it is not summer. Not even close. When you look outside, all you see in snow. sigh. I miss summer. In the summer our plum tree in the backyard yields yellow plums. And there is so much you can eat. I came across many plum recipes and I am pretty sure...

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Chocolate Covered Red Velvet Cookies
Why is it that kids usually give you 1-day notice to whip up a batch of cookies? First of all, it isn't really a batch of cookies when there are 35 kids in his class. And these cookies need 2 of them to make a cookie. My son tells me he needs cookies for hi...

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Oatmeal Rum-Raisin Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting
January and July are birthday months for our family. My husband and son are in January. My girls are in July. I used to always bake Vanilla Cakes and change the frosting flavours. That is now changing. Last year I baked  Peanut Butter Cake with Banana Filli...

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Nutella Biscotti
Did you know that February 05 was National Nutella Day? Some things in life make sense. How did we celebrate National Nutella Day? Our way of celebrating? Baking with Nutella. And my son and I decided to bake something together. I wanted biscotti. He wanted...

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Maple Pecan Biscotti with Maple Glaze
I told you. Another maple recipe. Once I saw these, I had to make them. Great maple flavour. I couldn't stop dipping my finger into the Maple Glaze and licking it. Yum! It made 1-medium size log which turned out to an extra long biscotti. Great for dunking ...

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Maple Cookies
There is a reason to my madness. Sometimes. When I have an ingredient, I go nuts in finding recipes that I can use that ingredient over and over again. Introducing ... Pure Maple Syrup. Sure, you could pour it over your pancakes/waffles. But... Wouldn't you...

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Chai Cookies with Vanilla Drizzle
My better half came home with coconut oil. He said it was for him to cook with. Hmp! Who does he think he is kidding? It is for me. To bake with! Everyone is talking about how good coconut oil is. Up to now, I have never tried it. The coconut oil my hubby c...
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