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John T.
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John T.

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John T.

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John T.

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John T.

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How a team of physicists calculated the "color of the universe", and how, at first, they got it wrong.
IT enthusiast and science addict
I am an IT enthusiast with a strong passion about science and an endless thirst for knowledge.

What I tend to post about revolves around 5 main points:
> Electronics, 
Coding, Computing, Supercomputing
Biology and Medicine
> Neuroscience, Brain, Mind, Learning, AI
> Space and Physics
> Ubiquitous and Distributed Computing, World Wide Networking, Information Age fun bits
I am indeed fascinated by Big History, Philosophy, Psychology and some other humanities-related fields which are part of the key to a better understanding of the World we live in, since there's much more to it than interesting combos of particles and energy.

That being said, what really gets me are fields like Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Informatics, Biology, Renewable Energy and Space sciences as a whole, which I see being the most relevant during this remarkable phase of Humanity's trip towards the utopian and pain-free future that we all long for.

Despite having a wide variety of interests, I consider myself an IT guy: The bulk of my knowledge is about Hardware, Software, Networks and everything revolving around these elements.

I am a proud member of Volunteer Scientific Computing Grids like BOINC and F@H, a Wikipedia contributor and an amateur digital photographer.

My main hobby is reading and I am a student both formally and informally for the bulk of my time, when I am not creating something or attempting to find a solution.

Human lifespan is too short to achieve mastery or even a sufficient proficiency in all of those fields I care about, which is something I hope will become less and less of a problem the more time passes and human lifespan gets better, but this should never stop anyone from diving into different fields since the human brain can prove amazing at times in absorbing huge amount of information that we never knew it was possible to store.

I am a strong advocate for Open source software and knowledge and a direct supporter of Wikipedia, Internet Archive, several note-worthy distributed computing projects and basically everything on the web that tries to make everyone's life better in some way and elevate our weak human biological beings to something amazing and unstoppable, which is a -network- of human beings driven to the common good.

I believe that humanity will eventually reach a point where lifespan is indefinite and there is no pain, disease, poverty or conflict between humans. There are issues and there is probably a long, long wait to be had (100 years? 1000 years? more?) but judging by the bigger perspective I think this is the only obvious outcome of human evolution, since anything else in my books would result in our complete extinction.

After several thousands years of toying around on this planet we finally managed
to grasp some of the mind blowing facts that often go unnoticed in our daily lives: we are stardust, we are the universe itself. Carl Sagan never stopped being fascinated by this fact, Humanity never stopped being fascinated by space and we always observed it in awe even before we knew how to plant seeds in the soil.

Space is intimidating, fascinating and bigger than what our minds can picture. I don't think or hope about humanity or anyone else acquiring a complete understanding of it but I am firmly convinced that we should fix our little harbour which is the Earth and start expanding our society and our own minds towards such a vast and endless ocean of knowledge, encounters and possibilities.

Bragging rights
I witnessed what it was like before Information Age changed our lives
Basic Information
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