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HoH/Hear our Hands or Hard-of-Hearing
I grew up as a monolingual oral deaf boy But now I am a multilingual signing man Doctors treated me as a damaged toy ‘No Sign Language’, they said, ‘do you
understand?’ Yes, that is a silent ‘d’, just like me. The language of the Deaf, now with a
capital ‘D...

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Blog 1
September 2016 Solidarity in Sign Language 
SASL 12 th official Language, VIVA! There are times when theorising and discussing
are not taking the issue forward and advocacy is needed. This is where the
protest march arranged by DeafSA on 1 September ...

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Adding a link to the poems on These poems cover two main threads: my journey into deafness/deaf identity and Sign Language and my spiritual/faith journey. Will add more poems as things unfold.  

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Frozen: Let it go
As an ‘oral success’, I want to reflect on what this means
and where it takes me and where it does not.  An ‘oral success’?
Because I speak, in my case, English, as well as a first language user, with
the right tonal and linguistic fluency, I can claim that...

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Blog:    In the loop      14 June
2015 Wearing the Domino Pro loop and FM system
has so far been wonderful. It is an amazing experience to plug in the loop into
the laptop and switch over to T-coil and have the sound streamed directly into
the hearing –aid...

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Added a long, and long-overdue letter to my blogs.

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A letter to my teachers
Dear Sir/Ma’am This is a letter that I should have written after I
finished school, but I realised that one is never really finished school. There
are lingering undercurrents of influence that continue to ripple over one’s
life long after matric. Some of th...

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Being Bilingual: Wie Met Vuur Speel? Deon Meyer [an exercise in tweetaligheid]
populere aanvraag, die heruitgawe van Deon Meyer se heel eerste spanningsroman!
By n boekeveiling sien Ragel Bergh vir Dirk Buchner raak. Oornag verander haar bestaan,
en ná n naweek op Houwhoek weet sy sy is nog nooit so volledig bemin nie. Dan

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Change and how we respond to change.
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