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Bringing Art & Tech to the Masses
Bringing Art & Tech to the Masses

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Have the new projects related to the Science Journal Kits posted yet?

WOW these Science Journal Kits are WAY more than I could have eve dreamed of!!!!! I have no words to describe how incredibly awesome the kits are and how incredibly grateful we are to have them. Can't wait to get all of the projects started!!!!!

#MakerCamp #Google

Who is on Snapchat?

That is primarily the network we've been using this summer.

Our snap is CampUjaama.

What's yours?

Okay i need a bit of help - my original affiliate package was missing the pager motors and the batteries - +Make:  was gracious enough to send me the missing pieces, but they sent Strawbees and the motors/batteries. lol The problem is I can't tell what's the batteries and what's the pager motors - so I can just buy the missing pieces. I Google them and they look alike (lol) - so are the items in the small red bag motors or batteries? From there I'll know what to buy. Thanks!

Were the Strawbees supposed to come with straws?


So my Affiliate box was missing the 3v cell batteries with leads and the pager motor. Anyone else have this issue?

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The White House!

On Wednesday, we’re going to a very special place: The White House! We’ll meet executive chef Cristeta Comerford, who will introduce us to three places where edible things are made in the epicenter of power: the White House kitchen, garden, and beehive. Things are guaranteed to buzz tomorrow at #makercamp ! 

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This was our second project of #makercamp2014 the Blocky Labyrinth. Don't have wood? No Legos? Jenga blocks work just fine. #SummerMake
Project 02: Blocky Labyrnith
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#MakerCamp Days. A look at the fun and games when we're not making awesome projects. #Summerofmake
Maker Camp Days
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These are the Fancy Foosball Tables we made from the first week of camp for us July 21-25. My girls like their Glitter! #makercamp2014 #summerofmake  
Project 01: Mini-Foosball Table AKA Fancy Foosball Tables
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