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Lisamaree Dom
Snumpreneur (special-needs-mum-entrepreneur) to two super autistic kids, co-inventor Grace app with my daughter Gracie and iPhone Wizard Steve Troughton-Smith.
Snumpreneur (special-needs-mum-entrepreneur) to two super autistic kids, co-inventor Grace app with my daughter Gracie and iPhone Wizard Steve Troughton-Smith.

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How to cope with the six o'clock meltdown
Every parent (not just special needs parents) gets to experience the wonder of "Arsenic Hour" where your kids create a perfect storm of being too tired, too hungry and to grotty to just put to bed.   Little kids usually do this around 6 o'clock but for olde...

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Guest Post from Rebecca at Sunway Holidays: BOOKING and Traveling with Autism
So today is the day that some clever marketing company decided to call "Blue Monday" I guess this is because in the Northern Hemisphere at least, it represents the peak of christmas being totally over, and with Spring not even visible in the distance. For m...

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Would you like to learn more about enabling a non-speaking person to communicate with Grace App? Well finally, after 6 years I have a set of 3 short and easy to follow video lessons on line.. Finding out you have a pupil, child or other family member who ne...

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Planning a holiday for a family with Autism? Here are my top tips once again.

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Grace App 3.1 - This changes EVERYTHING!
Just in time for our 6th Birthday, Grace App 3.1 is here in the iTunes App store. Grace App now has Category editing, adding and sorting to truly personalise the App to the user: "Category folders contain a selection of pre-loaded images. Users can add

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What is Autism
I am not a psychologist or behavioural specialist or a Psychiatrist. So, I am not going to talk about the triad of impairments or assessment scales etc etc. What I can tell you is that Autism is a sensory disability in which everything a person sees, hears,...

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Autism and Tech: Here's what you can do with your old iPhone
A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Grace lost her iPhone. Grace
is a 15-year-old with a diagnosis of autism and a severe speech delay.
Some people would call her "non-verbal" but she can say a few words and
if people don't understand she shows them a pic...

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Holidays in Autism Land
At this time of year you might be lucky enough to be planning a holiday. And some of you, thanks to a negative experience in the past might be having trepidations - I have some advice that might make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Firstly, don't...

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Goodbye Dad
My Dad passed away after a really nasty battle with cancer on Monday 19th January, 2015. He is at peace now but I feel the loss keenly, especially as my family circumstances mean that I couldn't make it to the funeral today in Australia; although I do feel ...
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