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2014 - Year in Review
As 2014 has been drawing to a close, and I look ahead to running in 2015 - I reflect back to this year of running. First, right at the beginning of the year - I was super excited to join team inov8! Even more unreal then being sponsored was that they sent m...

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Eastern States 100
The Eastern States 100 ( website ) was held for the first time this
year, right here in central Pennsylvania. Created by local race directors and
runners who wanted to showcase just what we have to offer here in what is known
as the PA Wilds. As soon as I h...

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Helpful Tips For Getting Caught in a Thunderstorm
Thunderstorms are dangerous, Mom made sure we all knew that as kids, yelling at us to come inside from playing when the clouds got dark and rumbling started in the distance. We woefully obeyed, while watching out the windows with wonder as rain fell and lig...

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Manitou's 2014
Its been a long time since I've blogged, so I caught up on the year in a previous blog post ( link ). I was really excited for Manitou's Revenge this year! I loved the race last year ( link ), and just love the Catskills in general. Plus, so many friends we...

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Catch Up
Seriously, where has this year gone? I can't believe my last blog post was a 2013 year in review... So Manitou's Revenge was this past weekend, and before I post my race report from there, I figured a little catch-up might be necessary for those of you who ...

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2013 - Year in Review
2013 was a great year! Many amazing things happened and I had a great year of running! Here's a highlight of some of the best events! David won his first 50 miler at Glacier Ridge, and ran awesome! And I was luckily there to pace him! One of my first races ...

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Running, Not Running, and the End of a Year
So today I went out for a nice easy road run; you might be surprised to learn that since Oil Creek 100K I've hardly been running at all. Seriously - just a handful of times. Not because of injury or anything like that, or really for any reason at all! But i...

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Oil Creek 100K
This year has absolutely flown by. Seems like yesterday David and I were counting down the days, getting ready for our first 50 milers of the year: Glacier Ridge and Bear Mt. Soon after we were anxiously awaiting and planning our trip to Colorado. Before we...
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