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I had a thousand and some odd dollars burning a hole in my pocket so look what I got... My new grocery getter.

It is zero emissions too. Unless I had beans before riding.

It's a Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc. Size large.

The bicycle cargo trailer is a Sunlite trailer. It will hold up to a hundred and twenty pounds of groceries or cargo.

The headlight is a Flex Elite 400 - 1200 lumens with remote mounted switch and has a rechargeable battery.

#Specialized #Bicycle #crosstrail #biketrailer #grocerygetter #bike #ridehealthy 

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New quick update video, because we really should be fighting for the users. :-) If you're a sysadmin or work with an ISP, the NSA wants your network - and have likely gone through you (without your consent) to get to it.

It's still happening, but the Patriot Act that makes it all possible is up for review on June 1st. What you can do:
Tell Congress: My Phone Calls are My Business. Reform the NSA.
Read up on the issue:

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Next purchase 😆👍
With the Cintiq 13HD Touch, you've got the touch, you've got the power.

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Some not all HP thin clients are vulnerable to the #shellshock exploit.
Check link for the list of potentially vulnerable clients and other important information.
#BASH #shellshock #Bugtraq #Linux

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A new test for #shellshock Even with previous patches already applied.

Open a bash shell (terminal) and test with tjis command:

foo='() { echo not patched; }' bash -c foo

If you see "not patched", you probably want upgrade immediately. If
you see "bash: foo: command not found", you're OK.

Please read for more information. Important!

#bash #shellshock #Linux

"the other bash RCEs (CVE-2014-6277 and CVE-2014-6278)"

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Mass scan code of Internet for #bashbug #shellshock vulnerability. For those that have IDS/IPS might have seen the scan - although the scans were limited to just a few hundred thousand on purpose. 

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Quite a few ICS and SCADA systems include the vulnerable version of Bash.
#bashbug #shellshock
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