VIDEO Tip (3 min): Bubbling our best content up to the surface. Copy/paste link below.
Over time, good & useful content within Google+ gets buried a long way down in our stream so as to become invisible to newcomers. Let's bring some of it up to the surface, using this simple tip below that we can ALL do, once in a while.

In addition, Google+ developers should add "Most shared" to the list of filters in the search function, so anyone can easily find some of our most compelling content.

Let me explain:
In your profile, your URI looks similar to this...
Your Google+ ID# is the number up here ^

That number is unique to you in Google+. So you're going to copy/paste it into the search link below instead of mine and then copy/paste THOSE THREE LINES at the bottom of your BEST POSTS, every once-in-a-while.

Click the *Google+ search link above* to browse through a collection of *my "BEST" posts*. =)

So what happens then? With ONE CLICK, we can ALL find YOUR VERY BEST STUFF.

Go ahead, click that search link above to try that out.
Then spread the word.
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