Awesome VIDEO (1 min) — Solidly in the "...Because you CAN." category. =P
video — "Faraday Copter" (based on Nikola Tesla's concepts) - HD link:
W.W.T. 2012 - The Faraday Copter / Quadrotor vs. Tesla Coil - Part 2

Nikola Tesla Patent Database (+ full-text search)

Google Patents — "Nikola Tesla" issued patents link:,cdr:1,cd_max:1943,ptss:g,vw:g&tbm=pts&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=ZE6-T6zlAYnXsgaUhOXhDQ&ved=0CDYQpwUoAQ

How did I come across this? Funny you should ask...
I'm a curious guy and when I find something interesting, I dig deeper.

I read a Nikola Tesla patent for a fountain innovation because I wanted to see how he personally described the things he thought were patent-worthy.

PDF — Tesla's fountain patent, 1914
Google version:

Actually, let me backtrack, I got to that via this, slightly longer path...

"Google Searches on Nikola Tesla double thanks to a comic"

Which I read and naturally, that made me curious about the comic in question...

The Oatmeal comic —
("Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived.")

Which in the postscript led me to this interesting opinion page about Tesla (that inspired the comic's author to write that comic in the first place)...

That led me to Google's Patent search to find the ACTUAL PATENTS that Tesla wrote... (link at top)

So, I found the patents and read a very complex but interesting one, that I'm sure the "examiner" in 1898 must have been completely unable to understand at all ... But it was fascinating!

Nikola Tesla "Electrical-Circuit Controller" patent, 1898

Then I wanted to see if I could find a simpler one, which led me to the fountain patent (link further above).

and then I wanted to "see it" so I Google'd it and got to this "Scientific American" article from back-in-the-day (1915):

PDF of that "Scientific American" page from 1915

Then I took a look at that site's videos on YouTube (Tesla Universe) and found that awesome copter video. =)

It's nice to live in the "web era"!

P.S. The ORIGINAL spark that caused this long trail, was this "The Next Web" post on Google+ with the word "Impressive!" and a link ...

Impressive indeed. =)
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