Dear smart Google Engineers,
...WTF!!!!  Your "Business" pages are a DISGRACE to your brand & business. See pictures below and links below. Please PAY ATTENTION to what you're doing, because you are hurting us little guys by neglecting these consistent, recurring, should-never-exist-in-a-Google-product kind of BUGS + problems + negative consequences they create.  +Dave Besbris +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Natalie Villalobos +Amit Singhal +Emma Stjernlöf +Mikael Nilsson +Paul Wilcox +Sarah Price +Yonatan Zunger  

Just today, I had a conversation with a distributor during which he said, I looked you up but you don't have any information online... UGH!!!!  I happened to be writing this post BEFORE that conversation so luckily I "knew" what he was talking about and pointed him to Facebook instead.
I hate doing that —  and YOU Google Engineers SHOULD TOO.

Failure, "Verified" business page, today, January 2nd 2013:

Hugo Diaz

References for CONTEXT:

"Google vs Facebook — for businesses"

"Posting Business pictures from Facebook to G+"

"Multiple picture upload fail"

"Reporting bugs to Google"

"Google search bugs in Google Plus"

"Google search FAIL in G+"
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