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Hugo Diaz
American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone app DESIGNER + coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC GAMER & business owner.
American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone app DESIGNER + coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC GAMER & business owner.

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VIDEO (2 mins) — OK, there's THAT too. =)
Not all young people are gamers… Junior Company at the Dutch National Ballet. Kind of cool because they are very talented — and as you can see in this other video where they introduce themselves, they are from all over the world: USA, England, Georgia, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Colombia, Netherlands, etc…
Intro video link (3 min) -->

"Junior Company in action for Juniors Go Dutch" [top video]
HD video link -->

P.S. They have a few other cool videos on their web site here:

#dance #culture #juniorcompany

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IMPORTANT for us ALL to comment, to preserve NET NEUTRALITY…
link -->
(will take you to the actual FCC comment page for this issue)
Click "+ Express" on right side and enter your feedback.
My own comments…
"Net Neutrality is IMPORTANT for innovation and progress on a global scale… As a programmer I STRONGLY support Net Neutrality and demand that the FCC preserve the current Net Neutrality rules under Title II. Nothing else will suffice. Hugo, American living abroad."

…Details, in a post from a couple of weeks ago…

#netneutrality #fcc

P.S. Link to short VIDEO from "Last Week Tonight" that talks about how previous public comments were dismissed and would later (so, now) be able to be re-submitted.
"Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)"

Previous short VIDEO from "Last Week Tonight" that got over 4 million views, talking about Net Neutrality.
"Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)"

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VIDEO (4 minutes) — Nature, in the Arctic.
Protection, needs our individual support…
Details, National Audubon Society effort to protect that environment…
…with their call-to-action:

video link -->

#nature #arctic

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VIDEO (3 hours) — Grand Final, Eurovision Song Contest.
An outstanding live production with some amazing voices. Definitely worth watching: a stage, that is world-class. Definitely one of my favourite parts of the year.
HD video link -->

I watch it, every year.
#eurovision #final #2017 #music #live 

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(PDF) Official 2016 print — Constitution Of The United States Of America
Congress, latest version (as far as I can tell). Includes the "Literal" text (starts page 27), the "index of contents" is page 25, "Amendments" on page 49, plus all the Supreme Court and interpretation and analysis details that make things the way they are today. IMHO every American should AT LEAST read the "literal" part and the "amendments", to be AWARE of what ACTUALLY IS the law of the land. Put it on your iPhone, on your computer, your iPad. We ALL need to KNOW this stuff, first-hand.

"Constitution Of The United States Of America"

#constitution #government #USA

P.S. Apparently Google Plus "blocks" PDF from being read, so, simply DOWNLOAD it, or right-click and open it in another tab.

U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) also has it, here on this page (with individual PDF's for each part)…

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VIDEO (13 mins) — Elizabeth Warren describing the road ahead.
HD video link -->
#politics #USA #elizabethwarren

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VIDEO (10 min) — ZERO leadership… Oh, the irony.
Not funny, just, on-point. 100 days… Calling it, like it is.
HD video link -->

I recommend you read this, from a few months ago…

Shout out to +Cindy Brown


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Just thought this was a cool idea. … "Rising Stars: All-women's Stephens College breaks ground with varsity e-sports program"
ESPN story -->
Stephens -->
Varsity collegiate all-women’s esports team
#svenska #sverige #esports #gaming

My 2¢ worth, as a gamer. (series of 21 posts about women & gaming)

#STEM #women #girls #boys #men #gamers #equal

via +Self-Rescuing Princess Society

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VIDEO (3 mins) — Context + why it MATTERS… Drones, armed & deadly.
Don't be deceived by the beautiful music… Remember that THIS will all eventually end-up being used to kill people. See links below…

GTRI LOCUST, U.S. Navy (3 min)
HD video link -->

Perdix Swarm Demo, U.S. Navy [January 2017] (3 min)

Raytheon, Coyote and Silver Fox Unmanned Aircraft Systems Take Flight (1 min)

Been tracking this since years ago, see this post from 2012 where I once-in-a-while update what they could do before — and what they can do now… Includes links to TED talk about robots and war, etc…

Just be aware that this is the path we're taking as our societies get more and more tech-savvy.

#STEM #robots #drones #uav

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VIDEO (26 mins) — How government ACTUALLY works…
Connect the dots, get context of what is happening just under the surface.
Free speech, the constitution, laws, logic, analysis and common-sense. Former U.S. Secretary of Labor + former Harvard professor Robert Reich talks about the U.S.A. government and its citizens, their rights, freedoms & points-out that those in power are there to REPRESENT ALL THEIR CITIZENS. Worth watching. Tells you what you can ACTUALLY DO to change outcomes in your local elections, see links below + the entire video playlist.

video link -->

WHOLE PLAYLIST, all videos on YouTube --> The Resistance Report

P.S. I've taken the time and have seen them all, many are quite enlightening… Especially the Q&A at the end of each of them.

His blog…
His Facebook page…

His resource recommendations…

The resource he recommends for American Citizens wanting to get involved and CHANGE the way things are going, by using your voice to effect change, locally…
Web site -->
…Empowers YOU with arguments, context, perspectives & facts — increases your influence in politics and your voice if you link-up with groups in your district. Politically gives you a louder voice.
PDF --> THE GUIDE to organize, protest, attract politicians attention and get involved in local elections, PDF links there (left side)…

In essence, those in power, getting schooled —  reminded of their obligation to serve ALL the people! =)

"…just because you won, doesn't mean you can lie."
#usa #politics #democracy #constitution #government #2018

In my opinion, the series of videos, is VERY interesting to listen-to… Relevant, current and well-informed, pointing out what the administration is trying to distract from (the REAL ISSUES that their smoke and mirrors are trying to keep out-of-view).

Tool to find closest district to where YOU LIVE that is up-for-grabs… Helps you find districts you can travel-to and help organize & mobilize to get voters involved in their own future.

Similar tool that helps you and your group of people to support, lend resources, moral support and get out the vote in a place where your involvement has a tangible effect — in a state that is up-for-grabs that you can help win-over in 2018.

The videos are put together by this non-profit organization “Inequality Media” founded by Robert Reich to inform and engage the public about the realities and impacts of inequality…
[ which has other videos on their web site ]
If you like the videos & effort, you can donate to them a small amount to enable more actions that educate & motivate the public…

Their Twitter feed…

Shout-out to +Alex Grossman +Yonatan Zunger +Self-Rescuing Princess Society +Betsy McCall +Jenny Winder +Cindy Brown to spread the word to others about the video above, the video series — and the PDF with advice about how to organize locally to effect change. =)

Public opinion needs to push politicians to feel the demand for action.

His basic advice… Empower yourself. Change politics. Be politically smart, active & strategic.

I’m putting some of the more interesting videos from the playlist (in my view) in the comments below [ don't forget to show ALL the comments, to see them all ] — because they give context and explain what is not in the headlines.

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