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Hugo Diaz
American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone app DESIGNER + coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC GAMER & business owner.
American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone app DESIGNER + coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC GAMER & business owner.


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VIDEO (3 mins) — Entertaining + Original. "Eurovision Song Contest" 2018

Fitting, for the #metoo era.
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Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is coming-up 12th of May, 21:00 CEST in three weeks… So, here are the 43 songs for each country in it, on YouTube…

Official "Eurovision Song Contest" 2018 web site…

Some interesting songs…
Beautiful lyrics, in my book.

Entertaining + Original.

I like this one…

Interesting, cool saxophone…

Powerful message… Pictures speak louder than words.

Musically worthwhile, even though I have no idea what it says…

Opera… With an impressive voice.

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VIDEO (6 mins) — "Confirmation Bias" and why lies are so useful to POTUS.
Interesting conversation. Check it out. USEFUL TO KNOW because they discuss both sides being manipulated to the liar's advantage.

#potus #vote #gaslighting #confirmationbias #STEM
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VIDEO (3 mins) —  Well, well, well… THAT seems, lets say, "odd." :/
Shady? You be the judge… Rudy Giuliani statements BEFORE FBI LEAKS, right before 2016 election… Question about that, to James Comey.

#vote #rudygiuliani #JamesComey #election
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0.o QUOTE: "In total, groups that had never filed a report with the Federal Election Commission placed four times as many ads as groups that had. Until now, the FEC has failed to enforce rules about political ad disclosures online, and only recently voted to expand those disclosure requirements. That has allowed digital political ads — including the ones affiliated with the Internet Research Agency — to proliferate with no regulatory oversight."

Interesting article at WIRED (2018) + new scientific paper of that research.

PDF, scientific paper (2018) "The Stealth Media?
Groups and Targets Behind Divisive Issue Campaigns On Facebook"…

Issie Lapowsky on Twitter, describing it a couple of days ago…

VIDEO (28 mins) — Issie Lapowsky on Russian-Linked Facebook Ads (2017)
WIRED Senior Writer, story linked at top has 2018 information but here, she talks at length about the beginning of the story, in September 2017, interview at C-SPAN.

via +Steve Zimmerman and +Cara Evangelista

P.S. There's a short video on WIRED at the bottom of that article that talks about normal human bias and why online, on social media, it's super-easy to deceive people by pretending ("confirming", from their own point-of-view) that they're right, even if the information is totally false. Worth checking out…

#STEM #facebook #elections #politics #vote
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Quite original… I've never seen THAT before. If you scroll down and hover over some of them you see the video of how they are made. Like the one with the porcupine.
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VIDEO (5 mins) —  THIS is COOL and AWESOME! …Girls in 25 American cities can sign-up to go to SUMMER CAMP to LEARN TO CODE. When I was a little kid (long ago), I DID THAT and learned a lot. GO, go, go!!! =) …Apply before the deadline, April 22nd, 2018 [for girls 13 to 18 years old]. YOU can also DONATE $ to support them (top right of website has button).
50 summer camps in 25 U.S. cities.

1-minute video here shows a few girls describing the coding camps…
(video below shows interview with Trevor Noah)
HD video link -->

Their Twitter account…
Different video (1 minute), showing WHY it's important…

#kodewithklossy #coding #KarlieKloss #TrevorNoah #STEM
#learning #programming
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LINKS… ABC News TRANSCRIPT of interview with James Comey, FBI Director… Plus summary of 70 answers to questions he gave that CNN thought worth considering…

"James COMEY: You can't or the rule of law breaks down. And there once was a day when people were afraid of going to hell if they took an oath in the name of God and violated it. We've drifted away from that day. And so in its place has to be a fear that if you lie and the government can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, they will prosecute you in order to send a message to all the others who might be called upon to give evidence. You must tell the truth. It matters enormously."

#politics #comey
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VIDEO (7 mins) — SNL… On the money… What comes next?
Saturday Night Live and the political satire in the opening number, with Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, was on-the-money. What comes next, eh?
…Whatever it is, it can't come soon enough… Real-life is totally bonkers this day and age.

#SNL #funny
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VIDEO (4 mins) —  SNL… Smart lyrics, great voices.
This Saturday Night Live wedding number was super-funny. =)

#SNL #funny #talent #music
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