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VIDEO (5 minutes) — Interference Slices Unique Wireless Chunks
HD video link --> Visualization and Explanation of pCell Technology
This is WAY COOL. =) Basically this technology uses interference to ENCODE every unique 100% bandwidth signal for each and every device in the network, adapting all signals together on-the-fly so ALL CONNECT FAST, ALWAYS. If you want a visual demo analogy, look at THIS video link here below and realize that the dancing of the flames in this "2D Rubens' Tube" is the same way that interference will "encode" data in the waves at THAT ONE SPOT for your device, among all others... analogy video link -->  Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!

"Normally, when you have two very different radio signals colliding with each other, the result is one stronger signal overpowering the other (as in the radio station example given in the Background section), or just indecipherable noise from the two signals interfering with each other."
"But, not with DIDO. Instead something rather remarkable happens: the sum of the radio signals at each computer’s location results in a clean modulated waveform carrying the data intended for that particular computer. So, the waveform received at User 1’s computer contains the video data sent by website 1, and the waveform received at User 2’s computer contains the video data sent by website 2. Each computer simply demodulates the waveform and plays the video for its user."

The science explaining it in their white paper, interesting read:

Their company…

If you like the field, you might want to work for them:

Props to +Dan Farber for his article:

Seen via +Lacerant Plainer here...

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To me, one of the most prophetic of this earth-bound world multiple society's self imposed limitations is revealed to all when the character Spock points out to the character Kurk that the character Kahn is limited to thinking in two dimensions. Thanks for sharing. This principle can actually be used in other physical mediums. Something is for a reason that is seemingly always just fine with all else around. Engineering mostly has been an attempt to get rid of what is and is always going to be, a process which is at best short lived. pCell is accepting what is naturally occurring in a beneficially acceptance way. Too much of science/engineering has become religious. It is good to see atheistic thinking in science/engineering.
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Hugo Diaz

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Cool & interesting post. "…Albert Einstein said his schooling almost destroyed his interest in mathematics and physics, but he recovered it when he left school. He referred to his innovative work as “combinatorial play”. He claimed that he developed his concept of relativity by imagining himself chasing a sunbeam and catching up with it, and then thinking about the consequences…"
Props to +Matias Duarte for the original link to the essay.
#gaming   #play   #learning  
Once we stop depriving our children of play time, maybe we can start looking at giving back our adults some play time as well!
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The FULL QUOTE from Albert Einstein to the questions by Jacques Hadamard for his book "The Mathematical Mind" ( ) can be read over here:  "… Here's a longer extract from Einstein's answer…"
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LoL — Why I never surrender.  Outgunned. Hopelessly behind in score.
... BUT we won. =)  Hooah! 
#leagueoflegends   #lol   #neversurrender  
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (16 minutes) — If you live in Europe, WATCH THIS.
This has huge implications in Europe... No, I MEAN it, watch it.
+Philippe Legrain was an economic adviser to the President of the European Commission, until February 2014. 
HD video link --> Next Europe 10: Philippe Legrain
Found it via +Pavlos Papageorgiou.
#Europe   #EU   #economy  
The EU is in deep trouble. We need a different kind of Europe. We need a European Spring: economic and political renewal. Watch my interview
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (3 minutes) — Tech, Youth & Beauty. Food for thought.
Via +TomSka whose comment seems just right: "Damn this is good. Don't need to understand the lyrics to get the message." (compare two videos in links below).
This reminds me of the old Dove Evolution campaign from a few years back but now with today's technology and editing it can be done over moving video. Technically impressive — and gets the message across in ANY LANGUAGE.
Original Dove VIDEO LINK from 2006 "Dove Evolution" campaign--> dove evolution 

HD video link --> BOGGIE : PARFÜM

If you like the music, the artist "Boggie", +boggieofficial can be found here...

#Dove   #realbeauty   #women     #Boggie  
Damn this is good. Don't need to understand the lyrics to get the message.
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Have him in circles
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VIDEO (3 minutes) — A Girl Named Elastika...
If iPhones had existed when I was a kid in school, I TOTALLY would have made one of these stop-motion movies with my friends! =)
Via +Doppel Gänger.
#StopMotion   #elastika   #cool
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Thanks Hugo!
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Our Pre-Release events looks like THIS (photo wall 43 photos)...  Any "Magic:The Gathering" players in Sweden that want to come to our "advanced" café at the train station in Enköping for the Pre-Release of Journey into Nyx coming-up at the end of the month, Saturday 26th are welcome to join us. You'll have a great time and try the BEST CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES IN TOWN. =)
Journey into Nyx info from Wizards...
To celebrate our new "Advanced" status, playing in that tournament will COST ONLY 150:- for the six-booster-pack pre-release kit, PRE-PAID (one per member, sign-up TODAY!) You can pay us electronically online, with PlusGirot "PG # 579 82 1" as long as you put your full name in the comment, so we know it's YOU. Players not pre-paid will play for 265:- per kit (6-boosters) and will join the fun with all of us here. Mark your calendar. P.S. It costs 100:- to become a member for 12-months from the date you join.
#mtg   #magic   #journeyintonyx   #sverige   #planeswalker   #hasbro   #prerelease     #stockholm   #svenskamagic  
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (1 minute) — Safari Bookmarks tip for Mavericks, "Plus" FTW.
HD video link --> Option Safari Tip Mavericks Bookmarks
#Mavericks   #Safari   #Bookmarks   #OSX   #tip  
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Cool event coming-up in Stockholm in May, if you're Swedish and into technology and music. =)
#stockholm   #sverige   #music  
Today, Sunday, is the deadline - register free, spend 24 intensive hours reimagining music creation and performance. Hope to see you in Stockholm in May!
MIDI: it’s not just a protocol. It’s a state of mind. It’s the interconnectedness of all things musical. Or, at least, it is at MIDI HACK next month in Stockholm. A 24-hour hackathon will delve deep into musical creation. It’s not just mucking about with code, either: there will be performances and talks, artists and … Continue →
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VIDEO (1 minute) — Push Notifications from websites. WHY?
Not convinced that THIS is any good for us, the users. Don't want my browser asking me 1,000 times a day if I want "push notifications" from every web site I visit.
Video link -->
#SEO   #whatisthis   #roost   #pushnotifications  
As far as I can tell, there's no preference on Safari to "turn off" web site notification requests like this. SO, it seems for the moment, that soon we'll be bombarded with this stuff all over the place. <sigh>
System Preferences>Notifications>Safari
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American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC Gamer & business owner.
Gamer. Write software + have fun playing all kinds of computer games during "Night Gibbs" at Imaginary World in Enköping, Sweden — while organizing gaming competitions in the best hidden-gem-of-an-internet-café in town. =)

17 friends in the same room simultaneously compete in ranked League of Legends matches or blow each other away in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 or co-op in Diablo 3 or Path of Exile from 22:00 to 07:00 + still have a world-class latte at 3AM to keep going.  All kinds of fun.  Getting into playing "Warface" at the moment, October 2013.

Oh and there's also some serious "Magic" (MTG) going on the side, for the non-computer strategy moments we spend offline downstairs, chomping on delicious Swedish "toast".

Go by "ColdPointBlue" on Warface. =)
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I personally bake THE BEST chocolate-chip cookies you have *EVER* tasted. =)
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