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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (5 mins) — Cars, playing soccer. =) Crazy fun football twist…
Cool concept, well polished. Reviews all say "Rocket League" by Psyonix is a modern online gem with teamwork that has many gamers replaying the game over & over.  The Guardian review says it all. PC & PS4.

"The Guardian" review…

Short match 3vs3…
HD video link -->

Extra VIDEO (2 minutes) IGN Review…

#rocketleague   #soccer   #pc   #spel   #game   #ps4   #football   #psyonix  
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (16 mins) — Play, morphing 3d interactive worlds. =)
Changing beauty is coming in "Fractal Lab".  It... Looks... AMAZING!
Just watch! =)

Change art you create by exploring visually stunning fractal images as they morph in real-time... Shut-up and take my money kind-of-stuff! =P
Actually, it's going to be open-source... RESPECT.

Tom Beddard is creating an AMAZING 3d tool in Safari.

HD video link -->

"Fractal Lab" description…

Flickr images from SubBlue… Beautiful stuff.

5 years ago, similar tools created this OTHER video (see link):

#fractal   #3d   #flam3   #safari   #math   #fractallab   #toy   #play   #opensource   #art   #mandelbox   #tombeddard  
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Hugo Diaz

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Free web game “Agario” is super-simple and massively addicting. =P  I saw PewDiePie play it and then I tried it out… “Poof” my afternoon disappeared. =)  …But I made it to the “leaderboard”. Hooah!
“Official” game link —>         Super-fun.

How to play: Move with mouse. Eat dots+smaller players. Space bar to 'split' (good at eating someone quickly when they're close).  'w' shoots to feed others (+ you get small and move faster). 7 shots on a spiky virus duplicates it.

Game FAQ (Reddit), has instructions on right margin:

Tips for high-scores:

• Best tip… Eat a quick succession of “viruses” (spiky circles) when you’re big-enough to get more than 1 (and run away); once you’re split from the first one you’ll consume the next virus without splitting and score points.  Eat second or third virus while you still have max # of little pieces… Then RUN because you’re vulnerable to being eaten. But as long as 1 cell survives, you have more points to get to the leaderboard.

• You can also pump viruses up with 'w' and after 7 shots they spawn a new one.
Always keep eating dots since you otherwise decay when you’re really big.

Other tips:

Press 'Esc' and then the gearbox to add “show mass” option. Makes you aware of when you’re decaying if you’re “big”. Press green “Play as guest” button to keep playing.

If you're gonna get eaten, SPLIT many times and RUN AWAY! =) As long as 1 cell survives, you're OK.

The game community on Reddit (game instructions on right margin):

“Official” Mobile version on iOS:

The developer (as far as I can tell):


#agario   #zeach   #powerbook     #fun   #game   #spel  

P.S. The game got greenlit on Steam, so a more refined version is on its way... Cool. =)

By the way this game is super-easy to play on a Powerbook with the mousepad.

Have fun!
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Hugo Diaz

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The Guardian (respected British newspaper) in March 2015 published a very IMPORTANT podcast pointing out that "the quantity of carbon in proven fossil fuel reserves owned by companies and states is between three and five times the amount necessary, if burnt, to take us beyond the two degree limit" for planetary warming, which would bring about "dangerous" climate change. Why? Because the last "Ice Age" was only 4 degrees difference (see NASA data on Ice Ages… )

If you only listen to one episode, do THIS ONE…
Episode 10 — "Shell" is the most interesting because it's a high-level interview with oil company "Shell" CEO Ben Van Beurden
MP3 Link -->

The Guardian, podcast link
March 2015 — "The Biggest Story In The World"
[12 short episodes recorded over 3 months]

iTunes link -->

Consider listening to the podcast, to create change that matters — or at least, being well-informed about the ramifications from the issues surrounding the politics, economics, and other aspects. The complexity of the surrounding issues is a good illustration of how actions are linked-together in our modern world, in ways you probably never considered.

#science #climatechange   #stem   #coal   #energy   #oil    #vetenskap #carbon   #investors #investment   #funds   #co2     #shell   

"the global temperature rose a total of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius over about 5,000 years." — NASA

…Scientists expect we'll increase more than 2 degrees within 100 years, quickly changing the landscape of coasts (and their big cities) all around the planet.

Surprisingly, the "Guardian Media Group" (that owns the newspaper) independently decided to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels as a consequence of The Guardian's reporting, putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. =)
(... and no, it was not an April Fool's joke) =P
Climate change is the biggest story journalism has never successfully told. The Guardian’s editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, has decided to change that. This podcast series follows Rusbridger and his team as they set out to find a new narrative on the greatest threat to humanity
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Hugo Diaz

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WHY I thought "Catherine" game was worth sharing. =P
The questions & answers part of the game makes us all curious, with it's TOUGH choices that are statistically gathered from the gamers.
...Great series +PewDiePie! =)
YouTube VIDEO Playlist of "Catherine" game…

The funny thing is women answered around 75% : 25% in this question ( ∴ men not stupid ), MEN answered 50% : 50%. =P
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (30 minutes) — in English: "Sveriges kreativa näringar - spel"
Panel talks [in English] about the role of Music in the Swedish games industry, June 2015. Polar Music Prize, Stockholm.
(subtitled in Swedish)

You can see Polar Music Prize talks here:

Alternate link (video download, at middle, right column):

Per Strömbäck, talesperson för Dataspelsbranschen; Johan Söderqvist, kompositör; Stefan Strandberg, konstnärlig ledare; Elvira Björkman, kompositör och ljuddesigner.

#music   #gaming   #spel   #musik   #sweden     #sverige  
 ·  Translate
Panelsamtal om musik i dataspel och film. Man kan bygga upp en känsla och skapa igenkänning med hjälp av musik som är skapad för speciella syften. Medverkande: Per Strömbäck, talesperson för Dataspelsbranschen; Johan Söderqvist, kompositör; Stefan Strandberg, konstnärlig ledare; Elvira Björkman, kompositör och ljuddesigner. Inspelat den 8 juni 2015 på Filmstaden Sergel i Stockholm. Arrangör: Polar music prize.
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (50 mins) — Audacious goals = Genuine & interesting story.
An engaging and surprisingly non-technical talk about the highs and lows of startup success, given that this story comes from Debbie Sterling [CEO, GoldieBlox] at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2015. Advice about setting goals despite the challenges you face.

VIDEO link -->

#kvinnor   #women   #girls  
#stem   #goldieblox   #engineering   #math   #success   #global   #education   #kickstarter   #debbiesterling   #toys   #play

Background info…
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (3 minutes) — Beautiful Mandelbox trip.
5 years ago, this Mandelbox video was made. Beautiful stuff… But TODAY, 2015, you can morph this stuff in real-time in Safari...
Wow! =)   See this link here below to 2015 video of "Fractal Lab"…

Mandelbulber (free, open source)...

HD video link -->


Download (Mac, Windows)…

Source code…

Beautiful video, +Krzysztof Marczak, maybe you ought to make a new one for 2015. =)

#3d #fractals #mandelbulber #mandelbox #opensource   #math #art  
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Hugo Diaz

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=)  It's nice to see that "gaming" has earned a real mainstream spot in Swedish TV.   SVT (biggest broadcaster in Sweden) is showing the Dreamhack Europe Finals "live", via SVT Play (+ broadcast on SVT 2).
Video link -->
SVT ESPORT link -->
#esport #svt #dreamhack #gaming   #svtesport   #mainstream #sc2   #spel   
Good job, +Sveriges Television!
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (20 mins) — Body language & hormone levels. Good tips. =)
Interesting story too. Check it out.
HD video link -->

#bodylanguage   #kroppsspråk   #interviews   #intervjuer  
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Nah, just thought her story was interesting.
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (playlist) — +PewDiePie Enthralled with Catherine  (on Sony).
I have to say this is a fascinating series of videos from what looks to be a top-notch game: "Catherine" for the PlayStation 3.  The interesting thing is that the gameplay is cool but the anime story is deep and worthwhile drawing you in as the story unfolds, with a tough & gut-wrenching storyline... Socially TOUGH stuff.

Catherine game PS3…

VIDEO Playlist on YouTube… (videos 1 through 4)

VIDEO next 3 videos (not on playlist yet)… videos 5 through 8

Congrats to Atlus who makes the game:

If you have a PlayStation 3 you can buy the game in Sony store:!/en-us/games/catherine/cid=UP0005-NPUB30698_00-CATHERINEGAMEUSA

There is also a free trial:!/en-us/games/catherine-full-game-trial/cid=UP0005-NPUB30698_00-CATHERINEFULLTRI

#anime   #playstation   #ps3      #catherine   #gaming   #spel  

P.S.  This screenshot link is WHY I thought it was worth sharing. =P
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (5 minutes) — Adventures, in small steps... =P
HD video link -->
Film background…
via +Fredrik Linnander 
Just watch this. It's short and funny.

The one-minute time machine. Groundhog Day for philosophy PhDs.
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I actually liked the presentation of the un-sublimed message.
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American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC Gamer & business owner.
Gamer. Write software + have fun playing all kinds of computer games during "Night Gibbs" in Stockholm, Sweden. =)

Compete in ranked League of Legends matches or first person shooter games or Path of Exile.  All kinds of fun. Getting into playing "Warface".

Oh and there's also some serious "Magic" (MTG) chomping on delicious Swedish "toast".

Go by "ColdpointBlue" on Warface. =)
Bragging rights
I personally bake THE BEST chocolate-chip cookies you have *EVER* tasted. =)
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