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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (6 minutes) — I laughed so hard. =)  Super-funny.
Amy Schumer.
hd video link -->

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Awesome, that's real humor right there.. 
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VIDEO (3 minutes) — Happy squeeze control. =)
+DisneyResearchHub invents a cool new way to bring life into that iPhone in your hand.  Now it's up to the software-makers to get this kit to do cool stuff.
P.S. Love that cute character they made that smiles when you poke. =P
#disney   #acoustruments  
Passive, Acoustically-Driven, Interactive Controls for Handheld Devices

Fascinating :)
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (2 min) — Swedish Vasa 1600's cannon, slow-mo research.
Cool report (a picture is worth 1000 words) from SVT in Sweden about a copy of the Vasa's 1600's cannon being fired for research. One of the cannonballs hitting their 70cm-thick wood target (simulating the side of a ship of the era) kept going an additional 500 meters and went straight through a tree trunk. Gives some historical perspective. 0.o

Swedish video:
Program will be shown tonight (April 6th, 2015)
on "Vetenskapens värld" broadcast on TV2 in Sweden:

You can see lots of photos of the process and read more about the research (in English) at the Vasa museum web site (Stockholm, Sweden):

Slow-motion research video is on YouTube here:
video link -->

#vasa   #cannon   #research   #slowmo  
Det var mycket mer kraft i Vasaskeppets kanoner än man tidigare trott. Det visar färska resultat från unika provskjutningar. Nu får historikerna omvärdera hur Vasa skulle ha använts i strid.
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEOS [x2] (2 mins/1 min) — Drones' positive impact.
Two drone videos that are worth watching, taking into account that THIS is just the beginning, you quickly understand that things they are a-changing with this technology, as it's applied to more and more specialized uses in modern society, that, well, speak-for-themselves:

Ambulance Drone (video shown below)
HD video link -->

Shepherd Drone (extra video)
Video link -->

Think about where else they could make a difference... It's gonna happen.
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Hugo Diaz

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VIDEO (2 minutes) — Just because. =P
It's kind of awesome that +Riot Games puts together stuff like this just for fun, to fuel-up their community of players. =)  Class act, +League of Legends.   If you go to YouTube, there's a link to download the music.
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Have him in circles
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FINALLY!  "Nordic Open" League of Legends tournament! =)
Sweden and the northern countries getting a little "love" from +Riot Games.  +League of Legends in early May will have a fight for the top spot in the north.  COOOOOOL!  =)

5v5 Summoner’s Rift sudden death (Best-of-one), The Round of 8 and 4 will be a Best-of-Three, and the finals will be a Best-of-Five.  (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)
Go sign up today…

Full Tournament Rules… (link)

"Any Summoner over the age of 18 and residing in the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)"

April 21st - 28th - Qualifier sign-ups will be open... 
May 2nd - 24th - Online qualifiers run simultaneously on EUW and EUNE every Saturday and Sunday... The deadline start time for all games will be at 6:00 pm UTC.

F.A.Q. (link)

Riot post about it…

#nordicopen   #leagueoflegends   #tournament   #euw   #eune   #gaming   #esports   #spela   #sweden   #sverige  

The sign-ups close on Tuesday the 28th of April, so make sure to sign up soon.

"…members of the team that ends up first-place overall will receive a prize pack including tickets, accommodation and return travel to experience the League of Legends World Finals in Berlin as a special guest of Riot. The second-place team wins tickets, accommodations and return travel to the Summer Split playoff finals.
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Hugo Diaz

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This was a really fun video to see. =)  Good job Riot.
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VIDEO (2 minutes) — Skating with skillZ! =)
I gotta say, these 2 skaters are SMOOOOOOOOTH. =)
They're on Freeline Skates; film posted by +Kuma Films.
HD video link -->

Credit to +Panah Rad for the original link to a related post.
#freelineskates   #Taipei
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VIDEO (3 minutes) — Sharing culture in the "selfie" generation. =P
Sketchshe comedy trio… =)

HD video link -->

#Sketchshe #comedy
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Great find!
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Hugo Diaz

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Nice... Beautiful photo of dog walking on water. =) 
Original photo [big] -->
Normal size --> ("open original" link is on the right edge)
You can see a few more there. Fox Grom is the photographer.

You can look at other cool photos on his "wall":

... including some other photos at that frozen lake:

Credit to +Kanj Segue for the original link that led to the group of photos.
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Hugo Diaz

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Haha! This made me laugh. =)  Read the caption.
If You Flip A Photo Of #Bats Hanging Upside Down, They Look Like They’re Having A Wicked Dance-off o_0. via @wmyeoh
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American living in Sweden. Mac+iPhone coder. NFL Patriots fan. PC Gamer & business owner.
Gamer. Write software + have fun playing all kinds of computer games during "Night Gibbs" in Stockholm, Sweden. =)

Compete in ranked League of Legends matches or first person shooter games or Path of Exile.  All kinds of fun. Getting into playing "Warface".

Oh and there's also some serious "Magic" (MTG) chomping on delicious Swedish "toast".

Go by "ColdpointBlue" on Warface. =)
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I personally bake THE BEST chocolate-chip cookies you have *EVER* tasted. =)
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