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Gem Smith
Scottish Mumtrepeneur, Aspiring Leader and #BossBabe
Scottish Mumtrepeneur, Aspiring Leader and #BossBabe

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Moving to Laptop
Hello there Im just popping in to let you know that the blog is under construction at the moment.  Up until today I have had to post mainly from my mobile but fingers crossed Ive got the laptop working so I should be able to update this badboy and sort out ...

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Peasant dresses
Ever since I had my daughter, Bug, I've wanted to make her a peasant dress (or 10) but I hadn't gotten round to it until last week.  I made the one below for her third birthday,  and because it turned out so well I made another one   I made this one for my ...

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Returning soon :)
I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted but we have had a few things going on at home which have meant my sewing projects have few and far between.  However now I am back on it and will be posting again. Look out for my Halloween Skirt post tomorrow a...
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