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Bradley Gauthier
Entrepreneur - Software Developer - Wanderer - Lover of Life
Entrepreneur - Software Developer - Wanderer - Lover of Life

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Need to showcase your videos, podcast, events, or anything on the web?

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My new startup. Open for invites:

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In an effort to fully enjoy my life, I'm retiring from all social media websites except Twitter.

If you need to contact me, I'd love to chat. But please use this website:

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You might have noticed I've been quiet online lately...

Well, it's because I've been working my face off to launch my new startup. It's a skill development company I co-founded with +Greg Hartle and with the help of +Thomas Mangum

And I'm excited to announce that we have launched with our first course!

While it is in early, early startup mode, we have big plans for the future! I'd love to hear your thoughts, thank you in advance!

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Big changes!

And if you have any feedback for me, please let me know :)

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Creating jobs is not an absolute goal. We have to consider the hidden costs of the job creator...

While the Keystone XL pipeline would create jobs, at what cost to our environment & society? The risks do not outweigh the benefits.

You know what would create jobs and help the environment (and at the same time, our national security)? Developing green technology and furthering our energy independence.

This is great news (for now):

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This is an interesting perspective...

"If one can afford private security, public safety is of no concern; if one owns a Gulfstream jet, crumbling bridges cause less apprehension - and viable public transportation doesn't even show up on the radar screen. With private doctors on call, who cares about Medicare?"

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Everyone! Please read this post by +Corbett Barr

We don't have an information problem, there's plenty of info out there for you to consume. We collectively have a skills problem.

"Think about all the things you’d love to be good at or know how to do. I’m talking about real renaissance person kinda stuff, or James Bond level skills.

What’s on your list of cool things you want to know and do?

Now think about how many of those things you’ve really put effort towards over the past year. When I say “effort,” I don’t mean that you read 27 articles about it or watched a tv show on the subject. I’m talking about real learning, real doing, taking classes, practicing and asking someone who knows more about it for help.

How much of that level of effort have you put in?"
Read it here:

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This list of 10 talking points on what future-makers need to consider when exploring education. The first one is my favorite:

"1. Society is changing so fast that science-based education can barely keep up, meaning students often know more about subjects than their professors."

Read more:

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I really appreciate what Peter Thiel is doing in terms of bringing awareness to the misconceptions of higher-learning and faulty beliefs that our society holds dearly...

"It’s easy to see how people have been lulled into bad choices. For a century, expanding wages made each generation wealthier than its parents, and it looked like having a college degree made the difference. But the future doesn’t look as good as the past.
So-called high-debt borrowers graduate from private universities with an average debt of $53,200, and some with multiple degrees owe $200,000. Although the education bubble resembles the housing bubble in many ways, student loans can be much worse than mortgages--you can’t live in one. Interest piles on by nearly 7% a year, frequently even when you’re unemployed. And, while you can walk away from an unaffordable mortgage, in 2005 Congress made it illegal to walk away from a student loan, even if you declare bankruptcy. There’s no exit.
In recent years, Sallie Mae has paid two of its executives hundreds of millions of dollars to reign over this mess.
So with higher prices, deeper debt, and stagnant prospects, we have to ask, what are colleges good for?"

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