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Jason Johnson
Just living a pixel at a time
Just living a pixel at a time

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Well lit and blocked out PS file
Close up of the street, driveway and grass  I'm continuing my dusk look. I placed an HDRI image and a low angled Vray Sun, exposed my physical camera....only the one view so far. Added the grass areas and used Vray Fur. Lit the coach lights and will eventua...

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Been a looooooong time! Time to step things up!
I work.....A a lot a lot. I have very little drive when I come home. I'm on vacation from work so...yea.....I'm dumb but I started to put together a new scene! I NEED to go back to the other one or two I started but I really would like to do thi...

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Baseball League 2014 has been updated
The league is updated here on the site. All teams final season rosters have been placed onto the teams pages. We will begin off-season trading December 1st. That'll give enough room to breath out this past year. Trades will need to be sent to my email by bo...

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Version 2.....2?
Not much to say....paint the walls and fixed my wood reflection. An update non the less!

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Slight interior update
It's not a major update but I did a few things today. I been bored and lazy all day just floating into something to do for an hour or so then get bored and move into the next. So this is maybe 2 hours of work. Used the floor gen script and mostly putzed aro...

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Time for an Interior!
Thought I'd try my hand at an's been a while! Here's where I am at. My guess from hearing about the new features in Max 2015, is that my headache of matching this photo would have taken 5 seconds instead of the 20 mins of moving the camera her...

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Kicking out one more!
Art Director loved my last render.....called it my "ah-ha" moment! Asked that I take a boring home design and plug it into the same scene and make it look just as good......excepted!!!

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Rendered up...
Got my image out of Max this afternoon. I need a new PC badly! In any it is. I have a bunch of Post to do to it. There are a few things Im not too happy with still but with some TLC in PhotoShop it'll be perfect and ready for my site within th...

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Setting up for a render!
Here's my lil baby, there are many like it but this one is my own! :) I've nurtured her and built her up! Lots of minor tests and now it's time for her to grow up and show me what shes got! I'm hoping for a nice gift in the morning!!

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Turret Home
Starting up another piece here at home! Spent no more then 3 hours on it at this point. Got the sun light in and the basic look I want. Started applying materials and then sent off this little test render. I see a few things I need to fix but plan on  getti...
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