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Dwayne Walstrom
Yep. A 'real person' from the Twin Cities. Gamer. Semi--geek. Traveller RPG nut.
Yep. A 'real person' from the Twin Cities. Gamer. Semi--geek. Traveller RPG nut.

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The T-shirt I need...

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Müller-Lyer Illusion

Optical illusions are distortions in our visual system characterized by a perception that appears to differ from reality. There are three major types of optical illusions: physical, physiological, and cognitive. Physical illusions are caused by the physical environment, such as refraction making a spoon immersed in water appear to bend. Physiological illusions arise in the eye or the visual pathway and can be caused by excessive stimulation of receptors (e.g. afterimage after seeing a camera flash). Cognitive illusions, such as the one below, are the result of unconscious inferences based on assumptions about how the world should look and are the most widely known type of optical illusion.

The popular Müller-Lyer Illusion consists of equal length line segments with variable fin orientations, which causes the brain to misinterpret the actual length of the line segment. A complex example of this optical illusion is shown in the animation below. Despite the blue and black line segments remaining static, the context provided by the fin positions tricks our brain into interpreting it as changes in line segment length.

There are two hypotheses for how exactly this cognitive optical illusion manifests. The first relies upon our ability to judge depth based on perspective. The fins are misinterpreted by the brain as depth cues, which results in an erroneous assumption of a 3D scene. The second relies upon how the brain computes perceived location using the centroid of an object's luminance. The orientation of the fins causes a shift in the centroid and results in a misjudgement of distance.


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I posted a while back that I'm prepping to run a Traveller campaign here in the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/St Paul).
Well, I already have one potential new player, as well as at least one from my old group.
Anyone in this area, if interested, feel free to xontact me so we can try to arrange something. :-)

Happiness is completing your Traveller character generation tables (all by hand currently). Combined with the rules changes I have already been using, I am almost ready to start a new campaign...
Anyone in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) region who may be interested in starting a monthly campaign, feel free to send me an email.
I hope to start a campaign by mid-December or (much more likely) after the new year.

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Sad loss... :(
Let's pass this on to honor Wyatt.
The gaming community can be an amazing place and it is amazing to see everyone getting involved in helping his legend live on. We will be adding a Wyatt NPC to our game but please add him to yours. His family loves our community and from the response to this, they are right to do so. Let the Adventure continue :)

Copied from OG Poster: Fellow gamers, DMs, writers, and artists: please take a minute to read this post from one of my D&D crafting groups. #WyattNPC will be making an appearance in my Disney based game as Mulan's right hand/man at arms. And then again whenever I run other games as another NPC and another and another. He will live a million lives across a million stories, each one more wondrous than the last. If you include him in yours, make sure to tag #Play4Wyatt or #WyattNPC so his family can follow along on his adventures.

Has anyone ever included "bomb-pumped laser" missiles in their campaigns? I think the first I saw them in sci-fi (that I remember, anyway...) was the Honor Harrington series). I am looking to include them in my upcoming campaigns, and am searching for ideas/variations. And of course my google-fu skills have once again abandoned me.

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Worth sharing. If you are into tabletop gaming, please consider supporting this worthy cause.
A fine group of game writers have put together another hurricane relief bundle, this time for Puerto Rico. Over $400 worth of RPG PDFs for a $25 donation.

I was thinking to adapt the OTU to the Distant Worlds rules. (My post from yesterday.)
One day of examination destroys this idea.

For atarters, these rules would completely change the Imperial XBoat system, making it feasible for the Imperium to maintain fast communications with its frontiers - on the order of weeks, perhaps, if the system is properly set up - and thus maintain a more strict governmental and social control. Good for an overbearing Imperial structure, but that's not what is stopping me.

Economics. It could be possible for a ship to make several jumps/warps before having to land, assuming it doesn't need to land for fuel after every jump. A smart captain/owner could take serious advantage of the economic situations, and make a killing on the financial/trade markets. And I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface of this.
While major rules changes could adapt this into an acceptable system, I'm not savvy enough with economics to tackle that headache.
Project Abandoned, unfortumately. :(

So, rather than leave things as they are, I've decided to attempt to convert the OTU setting to the Distant Worlds ruleset.
Besides the obvious changes (equipment/gear, char-gen), using the warp rules as written drastically alters the 3I.
I'm thinking I may have bitten into a huge project.
Wish me luck. ;)

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Gaming geeks being awesome.
My fellow game writers and I put together a PDF bundle of our games and donated them for $25 donations to Hurricane Harvey relief organizations. We raised $24000.

Go gamer nerds.
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