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U.S., Ukraine sign $1 billion aid deal

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak sign a $1 billion loan guarantee at the Treasury Department.

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Cynthia Yildirim

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Be Warned: Spammers are impersonating me

Some spammers are impersonating me online, and using my name around the web, if you receive such a message or email, it’s not from me.
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They are sending links to sites.
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Daily Press Briefing: U.S. Department of State - Friday April 11, 2014

Topics: Iran, Qatar, Ukraine/Russia, Cuba, Middle East Peace, France, Syria

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki leads the Daily Press Briefing at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. on April 11, 2014. A transcript is available at

#politics   #news   #government   #Iran   #Ukraine   #russia   #cuba   #syria   #france  
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Venezuela: tear gas, rubber bullets fired at protesters

Troops in Venezuela's capital Caracas fired tear gas and rubber bullets as hundreds of people protested.

The demonstration came days after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hosted opposition leaders for talks to put an end to months of political unrest.

The talks are viewed by some as a monumental task in a country polarised by high levels of poverty.

Months of violent clashes have left at least 30 people dead, hundreds injured and thousands arrested 

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Yes way,maybe not for the same reasons but in my view Americans are fed up with gov. This and gov. That.Look at what a few Ranchers accomplished the other day in Nevada. Like I said get ready.
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[VIDEO] Ukraine: Clashes in Odessa as pro-Russian activists demand to hold referendum
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'Blood Moon' timelapse: Total lunar eclipse seen on April 15
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It was very glorious. There will be a total of 4 #bloodmoonmania  
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Has The NSA Been Exploiting Heartbleed?

A new report from Bloomberg claims the National Security Agency detected the devastating Heartbleed security flaw two years ahead of everyone else.

#NSA   #news   #technology   #socialmedia   #email  
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Ukraine Launches 'Anti-Terrorist' Operation

Ukrainian security forces have launched an "anti-terrorist" operation after pro-Russian gunmen stormed a police building Saturday.

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Weekly Address: Ensuring Equal Pay for Equal Work

In this week's address, the President underscores the importance of ensuring equal pay for equal work and highlights the steps his Administration has taken to expand opportunity and narrow the pay gap that exists between men and women.

via +The White House 

#womensucceed   #Obama   #politics  
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J Fitz
+Gary Wagner If you are so worried about the discrimination and women's pay then TELL YOUR REPUBLICANS in the HOUSE to VOTE on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.. I know who would do that when we can blame Obama... ignorance has become your best friend
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Cynthia Yildirim

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Eyes: The Windows to Your Health
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+Cynthia Yildirim Mine too!
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  • Telly
    Consultant, 2011 - present
    Telly (formally Twitvid) is an app based platform, popular for uploading videos onto Twitter. You can also sign up on the site itself, and create a profile and collect videos into your channels you create or just load them onto your profile. Telly lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy sharing.
    Founder (Current Project), 2011 - present is my project, I wanted to make it easier to find the best Youtube channels without all of the distractions you may find elsewhere. This is an ongoing project.
  • Social Media Consultant
    Social Media & Networking, 2007 - present
    Do you need advice on how to make a Facebook fan page, how to properly use tags, or how to get more Twitter followers. Then ask me.
  • Redux TV
    Consultant, 2011 - 2014
    Redux TV is an app on Google TV, for them I update various channels during the week with the latest videos in specific topics, and on the weekend update The Daily News, Politics, Tech News, Entertainment News. During the week I usually update the Get Smart, and Fan-Favorite Music channels, also any other I desire to.
  • Riffsy
    Consultant, 2013 - 2014
    Riffsy is a new site that makes it easy to make GIFs we call them 'Riffs' out of your favorite videos. You can make channels or follow others that interest you or even make you own. Go to and request an invite. Follow on Twitter at @Riffsyapp
  • CynIT
    Founder (my future project), 2010 - 2012
    This was a project where I wanted to make it easy for people to learn about IT.
  • Tweak Labs
    Member, 2010 - 2011
    This was a hackerspace that I was a member of back in 2010, Tweak Labs focused on educating the community about technology, computers, programming, and chemistry. They were a great group of guys, that also cared greatly about charity.
  • NWSCC Broadcasting
    Broadcast Assistant, 2005 - 2007
    Located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for NWSCC I would edit programs that were to be shown on the college television station. I would also run cameras at basketball games, and once interviewed a senator. I organized a debate between two mayoral candidates in Florence, AL, and was a secretary to a great music professor.
  • Many other places
    doing many other things, 1998 - 2005
    Life hath many jobs, till ye find thy place.
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Florence, Alabama - Muscle Shoals, Alabama
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Geek Extraordinaire. News, technology, music, and video curator. Enjoys politics, tech, curation, science, and space. I enjoy discovering and helping to improve beta sites. Care about freedom, women's rights, and human rights.

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I like to help others. Am a bit of a Anglophile, someone fond of British culture, I am really fond of all cultures in general too:)

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, The Newsroom, and True Blood.

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