Please download the use the new app "Safe Gmail" by my employer MMobileDev, perfect for users that need to check Gmail frequently and safely.
MMobileDev - September 9, 2011 - MMobileDev today announced that the app Safe Gmail will officially be available in the Apple App Store on Saturday, September 10, 2011. This app allows you to setup up to 5 Gmail accounts and you can easily login and switch between the accounts. It is faster than when you use Safari browser and you can secure your email with the passcode. Safe Gmail supports for all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad version 3.1 or later.

Besides all above advantages, this app also provides unique and original features which make the use of Safe Gmail on iOS mobile devices easy and productive, including:

- Universal app, support iPhone/iPod and iPad
- Manage up to 5 Gmail or Google Apps accounts securely and easily
- Support auto login with any of your configured accounts
- Support one-click switching between configured accounts
- You don't have to enter password every time you need to check your email (just need to enter 4 digit passcode)
- Support Passcode to protect your accounts and the usage of this app


MMobileDev announced that Safe Gmail is full-features and free to download, after 3 weeks we will release an update with new features and add ads-support with in-app purchase option to remove ads.

Download Information

Safe Gmail will be available from Saturday, September 10, 2011 at link:

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