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Sharebro redo Updates:

Now named HiveMined
Commenting now works, but has some bugs. Going to iron that out soon.
Can view all your followers shares in proper order (aka when they where shared)
Built a auto feed updater as well. So no need to click refresh unless you want the newest of the new. (need to test this against 1000's of feeds still, so we'll see how it holds up)
Coming soon site up: (Thanks again to +christine eslao for coming up with it. And all the sharebros who weighed in)
There is also a twitter (!/hivemined ) and a blog ( ) set up. Not much there, but I will push out greater stories and site updates there.

If you go to the site there is a an email form where you can subscribe and I will email you when I need more testers, inviting to use site, or launch. Not much else will go out on it. So sign up if you want a helpful reminder incase you forgot to check back here/twitter/blog/site.

Also great news. Thanks to my good friend +Peter Shafer the share bookmarklet is nearly 100% if not better then the reader one.

Going to crank on this weekend. I hope to start early invites of people who don't mind half working site that might lose their data before monday. So stay tuned.

Thank you all for the outcry of support, interest, ideas, and shares. I will work to make this awesome for us all.
or subscribe to an email list to get notified when the site is ready. This is only for when the site needs testers or is live no other emails will go out. For more frequent updates follow the blog or ...
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+Alberto de Francisco I wanted to test it calmly, just how it works, but actually it was just my idea. Maybe it would be better to test hivemined with entire mini-communities such as ours, populated with 50 users more or less
Yeah, I plan on sending it out to people who have min communities. Grow slow, catch bugs and problems. then fix them. Add more people. Don't worry, what's the point of inviting someone to something social when it's just them sharing alone. Just stay tuned and give me a little time. It will come along.
Qué grande! Awesome! Thanks, dude, and don't hesitate to ask for any help!
Can't wait! Can we get some screenshots to see what we're in for?
Really psyched about this. I've always felt that Reader was an oft-forgotten bastard child on Google, I'd love to see what someone who really cares about the platform and its capabilities could do with it. Android app too please!
I like the name. Looking forward to this!
if you're looking for beta testers, the Malcontents, 12 of us (former) Reader "power users" are anxious to get back up and running.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Also quite amused by the irony that you're organizing this using Google+.
It would be really interesting to know the network of networks of reader social users. Until now this information was exclusivelly known by google, and because of this most of us only now our own networks, populated by the docens
What are you building it in, do you need help?
great product name, great idea. we need this!
Saw the Atlantic article about HiveMined, and am glad to know people are working on GReader replacements already. I suspect that many former Delicious users may find their way over, depending on how easy it is to search the pool of links and to find information and discussion on subjects of interest. I always thought old Delicious was an underappreciated gem for crowdsourced knowledge. All it lacked was the ability to comment on what others shared, and the ability to share things with limited groups of people (it was either "public" or "private," no in-between); I think I landed there rather than GR because I could share things from all over with people, not just from the RSS feeds I had subscribed to, and at the time, I believe that was not the case on GR. Will it be possible at some point to share things on HiveMined from outside your particular subscription feeds?
that will be done by the HiveMined bookmarklet that they already have done. GR had this ability with a bookmarklet as well.
Nick - oh, excellent! Last time I looked seriously at any sharing workflow in Google Reader was probably 4+ years ago, so I'm glad that this feature will exist for HiveMined.
+Lynne Baer Dead on about delicious. I think there was great buzz around 2004-ish when RSS first got big, then a bunch of stuff happened and the Internet got distracted. There is certainly a continuum around "sharing a link" and "commenting on that link" and "excerpting from a source" (for emphasis, or to disagree, or make a larger point) and plain old blogging which does all of the above plus usually more original writing.

I'm working (with others) on a vision of feed sharing at -- you're more than welcome to lurk on our lists and check up on progress.
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