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Updates Sorry for my silence. jJob work has been crazy busy, but that’s no excuse. I just have bad communication skills. Have had some time to work on hive and have a nice long weekend coming up. New....
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Psyched about impending beta test!
How can one go about putting in an application for early beta tester? I do software testing in my day job, was a huge user of GR and am home for the next month with a new baby so I have time to play with it. #ShamelessAttemptToGetEarlyAccess :)
So excited to hear Hivemined isn't far away. 
Did the beta go out? I'm just wondering if it did and I didn't get an invite or it's just late. How would I know? Not trying to pressure you. I know you are busy and working hard, just anxious for an update is all.
Getting a bit worried here... :/
Where is hive mined?!? I'm still chomping at the bit!
The silence is killing me.

I've offered this before, via twitter and tumblr, but here it is again: I would love to help with the development. I can host an instance. My friends and I are all dying to get on board.

Please, please, please don't let us down by silently fading away!
This better not have been the cruelest practical joke of all time...
not dead, Working on it, Real job, Holidays, and helping people move across the county. Busy busy. But Inviting devs slowly getting there. Hope to give out some xmas gift ;)
I don't wanna bitch and moan but I'm not so optimistic about xmas gifts .. :)
All I wanted was a sign of life :)
We're still waiting for any kind of communication
Hi Francis, sorry for asking ETA, really... But is it going? Can you push out some invites? TY
Just wanted to let you know how much my former g-reader fam and I appreciate you keeping hope alive that we will be reunited someday.
Hey Francis,

I have been really excited about this project. Can you please give some sort of update?
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