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Sharebro redo, update.
You can add feeds, and view entries
You can like, save, share, and share with a note anything in your feeds.
Keeps track of things you mark as read
You can now follow people on there profiles
See who your following and what they have shared.
You can see your shared and saved

Things left,
- Universal all my sharebro shares view.
- Show who likes and who shared things.
- Commenting on shares. The amazing comment view.
- auto refresh feed, so you dont have to click refresh every time.

Plus there are tons of would like to have and fancy features greader has, but we can get to that after main site is put together.

I hope to finish up last must have features and have it put on a server
this week. But I work a full time job, so progress will be slower then it was this weekend.

#saveSharebros #SharebroExodius
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Also need to add, box for sharing whatever. This should be smart to load an image, link a page or embed a video
Also, when it comes to hosting, how can a sharebro chip in to help with them server costs? Which will no doubt become large, in due course.
i use dreamhost which is unlimited storage and bandwidth for 10 a month
The current stack, is python/django, apache, memcache, and mysql. Basic LAMP(y).

Dream host isn't gonna cut it. I have 1 it's always problems. Also have a couple WebFaction accounts. I love the, but will need for power behind it. I work with a bunch of linode servers for work. I'll prob just throw up one. and scale it as needed. Also can spin off Database into another server. Also if this takes off, I will put updating feed in to a distributed queue system (celery+rabbitmq) and can put that on another server. Looking at 20$ to start for server costs and maybe 100$ if it blows up fast. If servers get more then 200$ it will be a problem, and will start looking for ways to bring in rev.

Ideas for money (if needed), Thinking because updating feeds and friends is the expensive part. You get X feeds and X following for free (these numbers will be pretty high). Then say X dollars a month(A reasonable amount $5-$30, depending). That pricing model feels the most fair is is based on what costs server memory/cpu. Other Idea is premium features, but I dont like that, if this was the case they would be true super user features.
Also if this takes off, I will build an ipad/iphone/android ver and sell it for 0.99c-2.99 depending on feature list.

Anyone got any other ideas. what would you be willing to pay for?

But first lets make sure i can get this off the ground and running. Progress will be slowed down by real job and halloween weekend. But I will con't to make posts here and on reader (cross post to twitter as well) to keep everyone up to date. :D

Once I get basic features in and it's working. Will start looking at features you wish greader had.
I wonder how much of this project could be funded by donations? I'd certainly donate, particularly if the project were open source.
bro, what about heroku or some other app platform for deployment. feel like wikipedia style donation drives seems like a chill way 2 pay for it : /
heroku gets expensive and just added python to their stack. It's mainly for rails.

Also don't worry I will do everything I can to keep it free or at worst ask for donations. We'll see once it gets going. How much it needs to scale $$ wise.

Open source is an idea, but then (panic attack time) the public can read my code, lol. Also Do you want 30 share networks you have to sign up to and check? The model isn't like wordpress, its more like a tumblr or twitter. One place to share.

But if i run out of steam or something happens. I will just make the project open source so it can live on.
Put google word ads at the top and make them pay for it 
that is an option, but takes up valuable screen real estate. Also need a ton of views to make that work.
We will all figure out something when that crossroad comes.
I'd gladly pay. The death of reader has left me devastated.
Would also happily pay for this feature set.

I'd never heard the term "sharebro" until this afternoon... I'm pleased that this disruption is causing the user base to unite, hopefully under a new and better tent.
I working on this new and better tent. Slowly but surely. I have been blown away by the amount of feedback and support people are for this project. This is amazing. I'm going to work hard to bring something people will be proud to use.
Also, if google backs down. I am not gonna stop. There needs to be a better way because what is to say they don't want to drop it in another year or so. This is a labor of love and I want it to be amazing for the people who use it. This needs to be run by people who care about the idea, not a dead project at a mega company.
As many of us, our little reader/buzz community feel itself as a drop in the sea. It's exciting to realize that there is so many people that just want to continue the amazing experience of social curation of content. I do hope that ShareBro Redo reach beta status, and of course I would donate - but make it FOSS, please!!!
Guys, I saw in my Reader a post about the share functions being disabled and I clicked a link to here hoping to learn more about what you guys are doing, and now I find myself compelled to offer my assistance as a developer and tell you about another hosting avenue x10Hosting, I used to work for them and still use their services, they have free to paid and VPS/Dedicated services.

Their VPS systems would scale up well enough and Corey is great with working with the customers and getting them what they need. They also have pretty much perfect uptime on their paid plans, the free accounts go down a bit but that service is frequently abused.

Yeah, I think that's everything, I can't wait to see this finished. :) Why not do what Reader does now and put Ads between the posts and even inside some posts, use a bit of an algorithm or a touch of rand(). Having ads inside the posts would drive clicks as they give the impression they're part of the story and could perhaps encourage people to click on them. ;)
Hurray, good work guys. Kinda funny that google is pulling a netflix and trying to force people to do what they want by imposing restrictions, thus driving people away. Noobs.
Likewise "comment view" should be moved into the main view, as a filtering option. And it should be the default filter for the "Shares" metafeed.
Dang, I really feel like building a Reader clone now. I'd build mine in Ruby and scale it on Heroku.
What are you using to collect and identify RSS feeds and posts?
Yes, kudos. Thank you for helping make this transition.
St. Francis, have you thought about Diaspora at all? In terms of model, integrating with them, etc? They're coming up on the Beta release of the project, could use a boost, and I suspect a fair portion of the people on D* use gReader (given the geek quotient).
The idea of distributed reader is cool, but has a bunch of tech questions. I am going with single site. As for integrating with them or anyone. It would be cool, but goes on the "nice to have" list after I get something launched. I plan on cranking all weekend on the site and getting a private beta up by mon/tues.

Also going with so I'll let you all know when a base site/twitter/blog whatever is up there so everyone can stay up to date. but I will continue to post here and share on reader.
I figured it would be more of long term project, obvs. You're a machine, by the way. In the best sense. At the rate things are going, you might be in Beta before Google throws the killswitch!
Would be in beta now, but I work full time and have to do normal things to live like eat, do laundry, sleep, commute, and ect... lol.

I am trying to get to some state before google throws the killswitch.
+Francis Cleary How are you going to announce your site? Where are you going to launch it?

FYI, my group of sharebros is using a posterous space as a temporary solution. What was most important was to maintain activity, since part of the group have no other method rather than reader/buzz for maintaining contact. But as you can imagine, it is far from perfect. email posting and commenting is cool, but it is not easy to follow conversations by email. besides, with such a solution, we would be more or less closed to new members, because it will be very difficult for other people to discover it.

In summary, I understand that what all we want to do is to replicate our reader/buzz experience. I really hope that your solution will allow us to do that, because plus is not for me because of different reasons.
Wow, I've used reader obsessively almost since the time it first appeared in Labs, and 15 minutes ago is the first I ever heard of "sharebro"s. I must have been Doing it Wrong
hurry up dudes. we hate g+ .we want our gooder back
so is this gonna be our new home?
Shameless plug to whoever's reading this thread: is getting better... still not ready for prime time yet but it can suck in your old Google Reader Friends (following and followers) and show you links to their current streams. And soon it will be able to revive the old "People you follow (1000+)" feature in any RSS reader. Go try now so we can save off your friends list, just in case Google shuts off that API tomorrow...
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