Sharebro redo, update.
You can add feeds, and view entries
You can like, save, share, and share with a note anything in your feeds.
Keeps track of things you mark as read
You can now follow people on there profiles
See who your following and what they have shared.
You can see your shared and saved

Things left,
- Universal all my sharebro shares view.
- Show who likes and who shared things.
- Commenting on shares. The amazing comment view.
- auto refresh feed, so you dont have to click refresh every time.

Plus there are tons of would like to have and fancy features greader has, but we can get to that after main site is put together.

I hope to finish up last must have features and have it put on a server
this week. But I work a full time job, so progress will be slower then it was this weekend.

#saveSharebros #SharebroExodius
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