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We purchased a modular home from them 5 years ago. The process was a little rocky, but went basically according to plan. We had a year to call in any warranty issues and everything we asked to be fixed was taken care of. When we ordered the house we asked for extra-wide doors (for wheelchair access) as my husband's health was likely to take a turn at some point while we owned the home. When this eventually happened, we discovered the bedroom door is narrower than every other door in the house. Now the door and frame to our bedroom are torn-up because the edges of the wheelchair catch on them. Sure, we should have checked this in the first year and demanded a fix, but it was also a mistake on the part of whoever installed that door. About a year after we moved in, we started getting letters from contractors stating there would be liens put on our home for non-payment. Since Four Star had contracted with these companies, and we had paid Four Star, we were very confused. As it turns out, they had taken our money but not paid these contractors. Eventually they worked it out with the contractors and liens were not put on our home, but still frustrating for us to be put in that position. On a related note, since we moved in we've had issues with our AC every year and have had to spend a few thousand dollars on repair and recharging of Freon. As it turns out, the unit they installed was too small (resulting in the extreme end of the house being 5-10 degrees different than the rest of the house), and the unit uses a type of Freon that is being discontinued, so it costs several hundred dollars to recharge. According to our AC service tech, they should have known this 5 years ago and likely got a deal on the unit because of it. I don't know if this is true, but I know I've spent more on my AC repairs than my friends with similarly-sized homes, so either Four Star did it willfully or they didn't do their homework. Additionally, the closet with the AC was not properly ventilated, leading to problems due to improper air flow and cost to have this remedied. I understand that as a homeowner things are going to come up, but I feel like the problems above could have been avoided. If you work with them, know that they're going to make mistakes, and you may have to be a general contractor to catch them.
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