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Jason Mayes
Innovate, Inspire, Learn, Simplify. Web Engineer @Google.
Innovate, Inspire, Learn, Simplify. Web Engineer @Google.

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Enjoying the stream? Check out my collections of posts! In case you didn't know, Google+ allows you to group your posts in collections around different subject areas. If you are seeing this you are probably following at least one or all of them! If you are enjoying the ride so far, you can tailor your experience by following just the ones you want, which currently include:

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- Data visualization (
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- Robotics, Drones / UAVs (
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- Inspiring talks / books / articles (
- General Geekiness / fun (
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Or see full listing here: and simply click on ones you like and then click follow within that collection! Enjoy!

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A very #British bird flying experience. #Starling #Kent #UK Turn the music up.

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Fun with #Gyroscopes. Very satisfying to watch. #Physics

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Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever. Sorry, but it is Saturday, and I found this in one of my streams so had to share. #ThosePigeons

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I find this super awesome - using machine learning to predict what you will look like as you age. I am very curious to do this to myself now and see if it got it right. Does anyone know if the code is public?
#MachineLearning #ML #NeuralNetwork #MIT

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This new #hair #dye is going to be all the rage - you heard it hear first. This startup from London - #Unseen has created a hair dye that changes colour in relation to temperature. Imagine if your hair looked different outdoors in the sun vs indoors in the air conditioned room. Well, it is coming soon. #JasonApproved
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The night I lost control. #geekJokes


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This robot looks really cool - and #iCub is open source. Modelled after a 4 year old, and learns in a similar fashion to. The robots really are coming... A few more decades...

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Latest video from #MagicLeap showing what it is capable of. Apparently no editing here other than the text at the bottom of the video. Looks promising... #AR #MR #AugmentedReality #MixedReality

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Why did my #science teacher never show me this bundle of joy!? Coil of wire, battery, and some magnets = your very own electric train! Try it at home. Also see this video for a more detailed description on how to make:
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