What is SEO?

Simple question right? SEO, it's been around for years, tens of thousands of people have it in their job titles, thousands of agencies offer it...but what is SEO?

I recently asked "What is RCS?" over here on G+ and it got a phenomenal discussion going, (+Wil Reynolds even chipped in) and I think the consensus was that everybody had a  slightly different understanding of what it was and how best to apply in the real world.

But that's understandable, RCS is a relatively new term. So this week I think I'm taking it easy on you guys.

+Joel Klettke in a discussion with myself and +Justin Briggs compared SEO to this picture, with people in the industry trying to claim every part of online marketing under the "SEO" umbrella.

Where does SEO end and content/inbound/online/digital marketing begin? What IS SEO?
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