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Tammy Rosenfeld
Author, wife, mother, nurse, over thinker & loyal servant to 2 rescue pups. Mission Statement: Drink lots of coffee and write things down.
Author, wife, mother, nurse, over thinker & loyal servant to 2 rescue pups. Mission Statement: Drink lots of coffee and write things down.

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It's Lent. I'm a Christian and a writer and so I blogged about it. 
You can sacrifice one thing WITHOUT giving up sweets or potato chips AND, maybe, change lives......


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The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but it's still winter and it's still cold and flu season. Warm up and ward off the germs with soup!

Family tested AND grandma approved - My  No Bullsh*t Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup is just what the doctor ordered. :-)
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I posted a short blog, inspired by 3 precious ornaments, hand-stitched by my Dad. <3

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Get it while it's (still) hot.... A 5-star, quick summer read "full of humor and insight".
On sale now, through Labor Day at $0.99 for Kindle. Also available in print at 
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Happy Monday, Google+ers !! 

I have been absent for a spell. We've been busy doing what we do. My husband and I are also volunteering our time this summer. We patrol a mile stretch of beach in search of sea turtle crawls and nests.  The season runs May 1 - October 31st.  We have to be up and out before dawn on our designated days. We also cover for other volunteers who are on vacation. It's tough getting up early. It's even tougher digging in packed sand full of jagged bits of shells & rocks, in search of eggs (I get scores of tiny cuts under my short, broken nails every time I dig). Once we find eggs, we cover them back up. The nest is logged, staked & roped off. These beautiful creatures are deemed 'threatened - if one species dies off, it puts many more at risk which puts the reefs at risk and... our planet at risk. That being said, they are protected by the State of Florida AND the Federal Government.  Our names are on a Federal Permit. No permit, no touch! Interfering with a nest is unlawful. Hefty fines and imprisonment are the consequences. 
We are mid season and we're still finding new crawls and have hatchlings!  Yes, it's not easy doing this before the normal day's activities begin, but it is a labor of love and well worth it. I also get to enjoy a sunrise walk and watch the sun rise with my wonderful husband. How lucky am I?
Here's a picture of me & my husband, standing in front of one of our nests. We donated money to the cause and adopted this nest in my parents' names. 

Happy rest of the Summer! Happy turtling! Have a great day. Talk to you soon.  :-)

Hey Google + peeps!! I've been away for a spell. How's everyone doing?  Hope is good, for the most part. :)

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Hey kids: Guess who Grandpa's bringing to dinner?
Whether you're loving  or cringing over all the #caitlynjenner  news, you're going to fall in love with my family's cringe-worthy, laugh-out-loud tranny tale. According to readers, it was the 'funniest' out of all the fun chapters in my debut book. Laugh along with me. Feel my pain. Bring plenty of wine because Grandpa's about to fall out of the closet…. 

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We're back!!
I've been absent from Google+ for a spell. We've had family visiting, on & off over the past 3 months. We've also traveled to visit family. 

We drove with our 2 rescues, to Charlotte, NC to share  Easter & Passover festivities with my 83 year old parents. We are interfaith - my husband's Jewish and, well, I'm not. It was the first time my parents experienced a Seder. It was a hit! My mom couldn't get over how much time my husband and I spent chopping, slicing, dicing,  mashing, sautéing and baking.  
"Passover's more work than Thanksgiving dinner!" Mom exclaimed to her only sister on the phone. "They've been working their asses off for 2 days."
We did work our (ahem) asses off and had a lovely visit with my parents. Mom kicked mine & my husband's 'asses' playing checkers on her iPad. My husband now realizes where I got my competitive spirit - from my Irish Mama. 
The biggest hit of the trip: the pups. Lucy (on the left) spent half her time on Dad's lap, while Mischa spent the bulk of her time seated at Mom's feet. 
These pups were spoiled rotten by their human grandparents. Isn't that how it should be?
I called my parents to tell them we got home safely and thanked them for having us. 
Mom: The house is too quiet now.
Me: I imagine it is.
Mom: We really miss those pups.
Me: (long, awkward silence)
Mom: Of, course we miss you & Matt too, it's just that the dogs… well, they're just so darn cute.
Me: Gee, thanks, Ma.
Mom: Oh, you know what I mean!
Me: Yeah, I do. We miss you too, Ma. (lump in throat)

Goodbyes are hard, for all of us. Mom's eyes fill up and the hugs are long and tight.  I never know when, or if, I'll see my parents again. It's a painful fact of life. The drive was tiring and long. Preparing a big, sit-down dinner (never mind the clean-up), was tiring, but the visit was wonderful. My parents expressed their appreciation, ad nauseam. 
We had ham and a variety of salads for Easter Dinner. Mom baked a cake - a birthday cake for me - and sang the Birthday song. It should be noted that my Birthday is January 1st. Better late than never. Mom's cake was deeply appreciated. I may be gluten-free, but I ate 2 honking slices of my homemade, chocolate birthday cake.  
If you have aging parents, make time for them. Make amends with them and forgive their errors. All parents make them, including me. 
I was blessed to have another opportunity to visit with my parents..
Spend time with your parents. And, even if you're gluten-free, eat the damn cake and enjoy it!  You never know if you'll have another opportunity.  You just never know. 

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Throwback to 2013 - one of many trips to Sarasota before we transplanted ourselves here, permanently. 
I so love this pic of us.  It evokes feelings of joy and reminds me that weathering storms was worth the rewards. I love this man. I love the life we've built.  LIfe is beautiful today. <3   #tbthursday  

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My publisher has told me, time and time again, 'if you impact one person with your written works, you can facilitate change." I'd like to think  of it like the ripple effect. Help one, help many. 

First you make them laugh, then you make them cry. Then you give them hope. My debut book is entertaining & funny. I also address serious topics such as drunk driving, date rape, bullying (in school & in the workplace). So, if you please, give 
Sarcasmic: Confessions of an Overthinker a chance to make an impact in yours, or someone you love's life. Available in paperback & for kindle via 
Thank you. xo 
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