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Santa Claus' Speed Ride in 360/VR video

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360 Video Playback on the New Apple TV

New release pushed to Google Play, will be available within 2 hours. Changes:
- Fixed black screen issue in player with certain devices models
- Fixed out-of-memory issue in video menu / app start-up with certain device models
- Fixed parsing of user credentials in login screen
- Fixed reconnecting notification issue with local files in certain device models
- Fixed various other bugs that occurred in rare occasions
- Video now automatically aligned with horizon, better for VR use
- Now defaults to polygon shader to guarantee playback on all models

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Cool new 360 app release

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Dear Beta testers,

We're glad to announce that Kolor Eyes has graduated from beta stage and is now publicly available from Google Play!

In case your copy hasn't updated automatically, you can find it here:

[In some cases you may need to uninstall beta version manually first. If you have several users on your device, make sure to remove beta version from each account that have it installed.]


* Kolor Eyes hosting service is now integrated to the app. You can watch lots of free content (public videos), or log in with your hosting account to watch your own videos.

* Due to hosting integration, embedded videos are now removed and the installation package size is reduced to only a few megabytes.

* New user interface design.

* Data is cached to make browsing the video wall fast and responsive.

Try it out and let us know your thoughts.
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